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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Safe wherever you are.

I just came back from the nearby market that opens till evening, bought some vege's to make some rojak. My Singapore cousin and her mom is here.

The latest news on the death of our cousin- He was murdered in the afternoon, 12pm something, at his friend's place, where he crashed at for the night. Heard that the guy actually get rid of all the evidence. He even wiped away Taqi's blood. He also said that Taqi might have committed suicide. And when the police asked him, why didn't he reported it earlier, he said he fall asleep. How can you fall asleep when there's a dead body in your place kan?!
And btw, the wound is too deep to be considered as suicide, HELLO???????
He's living with his family. A family house. How can someone commit suicide in a friend's family house, with his parents around??
I also heard that the guy and his family is missing now.
Visiting some relatives yada yada.
Its okay.
I believe that the wrong ones will be punished.

Since the story now is no more 'someone who intended to kill his friend mistakenly murdered him'. They're making up a story of him comitting suicide. Gahh.

I'm still wondering what actually happened that make someone so cruel and have the heart to kill another soul.

I'm praying for the crook to be caught and punished and pay for what he did!

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