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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Was browsing thru urban dictionary, and search for my name's definitions.
And here's what I got.

The first definition has a lil explicit content- to me. So I rather not share it with people. Haha.

2. Sabrina

Someone who is loving, smart, beautiful, and makes the life of a Vincent complete.
"sabrina Maeve Flood-Wylie, will you marry me? " (Now I don't quite get this one here)

3. Sabrina

means patience in Islam.

girl:what's the meaning of your name?
girl2:my name is sabrina.sabrina means patience.
girl:so you're a patient girl.
girl2:i'm not saying i am but that's what it means.

4. Sabrina

1)one who parties like its their job (this one here, u got it wrong me papi! Lol! So not me.)
2)one who looks like a malibu barbie doll for half the year (wrong!)
3)another word for sexual intercourse (errrr?)
4)the art of not giving a shit about anything or anyone (well, i'm trying to be this)
5) an extremely hyper person
6) all Sabrinas are brunnettes-fact

"Omigosh shes so hyper, what a typical Sabrina! "

Oh and as I browsed for more definitions for my name, I got a lil pissed with some of the offensive ones! gahahhahahah... So un-cool, but so MOI!
And I love my boyfriend's name definition. :)

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