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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is growing up a bad thing?
Is it such a big deal?

Reading my old diaries have always made me think of my pasts.
Good and bad ones..
And while reminiscing, I kinda miss the way my dad treated me when he was in good mood.
I miss to have him kissing me on both cheeks and my forehead when he was going for his badminton games, or outstations.
I miss the way he came to me when I had fights with my sis, and consoled me.

And those times when he tickled me so hard that he made me cried because it hurts,- but I felt so close to him.
Those times I cried when he dipped me in the water so that I struggled and learn to swim.

Will those good times ever going to come back?
Sometimes, it's good to be treated like a big baby kan?
Especially from our parents?
Occasionally maybe,..
But it's good.
And I miss it.

Putting all those sorrows and dark pasts aside, and just talk and laugh like a family.
A family of four, that can be happy afterall.
Can we?

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