Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Or u want me to beg on bended knees?

Doesn't matter the people in my family, relatives or friends; but these below are some of the attitudes or behaviours that I can't easily tolerate with;

1. People who have moodswings! Like the doesnt-make-sense ones. Like, in 3 seconds, at the first second they're being oh so nice to me, atleast okay, and at the 3rd second, they tend to whine or make a fuss out of nothing!! Psycho.

2. People who drag others altogether when they're not in a good mood. I mean like, they had to spoiled others' moods as well. If you're not in the mood or whatsoever, just deal with it yourself especially if you don't need anyone to talk to you or confront you!

3. People who will never stop telling me what to do, when I'm actually growing up and I've already understood how the world goes around.

4. People who can't accept the fact that one day- sooner or later, they just have to let me go for my very own sake. Unless they never wished to see me being independent.

5. People who obviously couldn't trust me but at the same time they're doing things that got me feeling suspicious especially when they've done quite alotta silly things before.

6. People who tend to tell me that I shouldn't do this or that when they're doing worsts!

7. People who expect me to sit around with him/her but not saying a word- like strangers! And when I need to go, they'll say that I'm making this house like a hotel.

8. People who's being over-protected on me. And tell their friends to keep an eye on me and if I did something bad, let them know- something like 'spying'? Pssh. That, pissed me off, BIG TIME!

9. People who told me to do things that I don't have the heart for, and in the end when I don't succeed, they just got mad at me.

10. People who keeps seeking for sympathies and let others think and make their own stupid conclusions on how bad we are.

11. People who expect us to be this and that when they should be responsible for training us wayyy earlier, to be what they wanted us to be.

12. People who judge without knowing anything at all.

13. People who never even tried to change even after being told about his wrong doings after all this years!!!!

And for this kind of people, I can only say this;
Please, don't make me lost my respect for you. Don't make me go away with a heavy heart. Don't make me feel guilty of nothing. Stop thinking that the world revolves around you. Please accept the fact that I ain't no kid anymore. Please.


S90 said...


i sppose its all subjective anyways..
i respect ur views and i do respect all of it, even i dont aggree with no 3..

ya kamu ain't no kid anymore, tp mereka sayangkn kamu..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

yah i agree with u for ur disagreement. tp kan, there were some things yg x msk akal utk this some ppl stop me from doing. hee. i know, deep down mmg niat they all mmg concern, and care and love me. but tuh la. sng cite, its complicated. lol. thanks yah!!! :) appreciate it!