Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Korang korang! Hihi..
Korang layan tak Keeping Up With The Kardashians??
Korang tengok tak part yang Rob nangis masa Adrienne kena ke India for the shoot of Cheetah Girls 3?
I just watched the episode just awhile ago.
I got goosebumps weh masa tengok Rob nangis.
Mamat tuh dah la cute gila gaban!!
Macho kaww kawww
And dia relax aje menangis and all just because his girlfriend will be away from him for 3 months.
Tak ada nak control hemsem, control macho.
Wheeeeeeeeeii I loike!
Adrienne is sooo damn lucky to have Rob!
It's obvious how much they're madly in love, well atleast for now.
And Kourtney and Khloe adalah kakak2 yang sangat gila sweet nak mams for getting Rob a flight ticket to India just so that he'll get to be with Adrienne- since Rob mcm gila bayang duduk rumah belek2 gambar dengan Adrienne, he even told Kourtney that he need some time alone, maybe he'll just watch Cheetah Girls! Gahahahha... How sweeeet. Sweet la bodo! Haha..
Oh btw, mr boyfie who was in JB yesterday, thought of giving me a lil surprise.. He planned the surprise with Pop, unfortunately, both Pop and I, couldn't understand his surprise. And in the end, he got busted. Lol.
He didnt text me at all since morning..
Rupanya ada plan.
And Pop terkantoikan since mmg si sengal tu pun didn't warned him anything. Lol.
How sweet of u, mi love.
Alrighty ppl..


Rubina Yunal said...

I did follow gak KUWTK since the 1st season. Now mcm dah malas. Yup that episode was sweet, but then maybe because Adrienne is his 1st love. Mula2 mmg la camtu.. esok2, tah kemana peginya sweet2 dia tu :P

But he's okay kot. Having to live with women for more than 20 years, dealing with their 'hormones', I think he'll manage just fine later in his life. A real gentleman he is.. I think.

I like Khloe the most, she's fierce :). But Kim however is just like some dumb blonde sometimes. She's a bit selfish and too self-absorbed (remember the Bentley episode?). Kourtney lak macam blur2 gak kekadang kan eventhough dia anak sulung..

Just my opinion though :) Be safe.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

tuh la, but tgk la kan, since dia punya 1st love, rasanya rob lebih banyak mengharap pd adrienne kot.. jarang ada young celebrities yg btl2 end up kawin and stay lama kan..
and yes, i love khloe better too.. lol. kourtney plak, kadang2 style dia ckp tuh mcm best. eheww..