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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mak Somnia

Call me stupid, call me dumb..
Everything involves risks.
It's either you take it or you may just leave it.
Love; to me it has always been filled with almost all kinds of obstacles.
But as a lady, I've given it a long and hard thought, and decided to go thru it all as long as I can endure; no matter how great the pain, no matter how much obstacles arrives.
Mom ensures me that miracle does happen, you just have to believe in it.

Babe, I'm missing you more that I'm crying.


But for real, I am missing him already.
He's been spoiling me all this while.
Be it when he's working, we always try to keep in touch with each other with our cellphones, that is.
But now, no mercy!
He's busy with his brother's wedding preparation.
And I'm sad.

And they say, with strength, you can overcome it all.

From the feeling of missing him, from the feeling of loving him day in and day out; deep down, I believe that everything will be paid off one day, it's all worth the pain.

Apa aku merapu ni.
Penangan mangsa insomnia.

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