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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Lil Reunion. Yey

Well, after feeling all bored earlier this afternoon, Bee called me up and said that she's in Melaka with her mom and her future sis-in-law, they're on the way to MP to get some stuffs for her bro's wedding and wanted to meet me up.

Since I was hella bored, I quickly changed and got ready and went to MP.
Met Bee.. and after a few minutes, Lisz came by as well.
And there we were, all 3 of us. It's like, flashing back those
days when we'll go to MP after tuition classes, or after school. We even went to some places that we used to hang out last time.

Honestly, I had suchhhhh a gurrrreatttt time!!!
It's been yearsss since all 3 of us get to chill together here in Melaka.
It was awesome!
We talked like there'll be no tomorrow.

Accompanied Bee to Euro Moda since she's looking for cloth to make a skirt for her baju.
And then her mom and sis in law went home, while she and Lisz stayed with me and we decided to go get our addictive,favourite, ever mango juice! After getting the drinks, both of them decided to have dinner, and I said I've no money. Lol. Since both of them are working, they treated me for dinner! We had ikan siakap sweet&sour, kailan oyster sauce and siput. Kenyang okayy... And then Hanim came. We chit chat for a few mins, and then me and Bee had to make our moves. Bee will be going back to Seremban. So Lisz followed Hanim, since they still wanna hangout a lil longer. And failed persuading us to stay. Lol. Bee followed me, and I dropped her off at her brother's place where her fam was waiting.
Kissed them goodbye, and... Bored again. Lol..

After I sent Bee, I dropped by at one of my grand aunts' place.. My sis, Singapore cousin and aunt were there as well..
They were having dinner, and invited me.
I just ate the lauk pauk. Haha..
Jaga hati.. Ecehhh..

Then I told my sis that I had mango juice earlier, then she and my cousin, Kak Sharin said I should've tapau for them. And I was like, GUA BANCRUPT WEYYYyy!
And we decided to go to Portuguese Settlement again and get some mango juice.

Uncle Joe- the owner of the stall said that we have to wait for 20 mins.
We even get to watched the fire crackers and all..

And there was this friend of Uncle Joe approached me,
"Dik, tanya sikit boleh? Rumah ada borang tak?"
Me: Borang???? Borang apa???
Him: Borang nikahhh...
Me: Sape nak nikah??
Him: Saya laaa... laughing
Uncle Joe: You angkat you punya kasut, u baling sama dia!
Him: Jangan marah aaa.. Gurau aje. Tak boleh gurau, duduk surau..

Then only I get the joke.
That's one of the things I like about these Portuguese ppl, they are so friendly!

Be it men or women.
Especially Uncle Joe and a couple of his friends/uncles.
Last time, when they haven't renovated the place, and Uncle Joe's still selling mango juice at his hawker stall, we will chat about football and all while waiting for our juice.
And just now he mentioned about one of his friends, that used to talk to us just passed away.
Well, overall, today had been fun.
Especially having my girls around.
Can't wait to do it again!


I miss him.
More and more and more.

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