Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After all that ever happened in my lifetime, I've learnt that;

1) I shouldn't trust people easily even with good intentions, because they might not have the same intentions as mine.

2) If nobody bought a birthday cake for me, just let it be. At least I have tons of people wished me and showed that they care.

3) When mom and dad couldn't get me things I wanted, I know that I don't have to depend on them anymore and they're training me to be independent as the digits of my age increased.

4) I can't do something that I don't have interest in. For example, my studies. I couldn't study something that others wanted me to. I'll be failing just because I can't study with all my heart.

5) I should follow my own heart, do things that I myself wants to, as long as it doesn't harm myself or people around me.

6) I shouldn't care so much about what others think of me, as that will only bring down my confidence.

7) I shouldn't complain so much when I put on weight, especially to my boyfie. And keep on praising the slim, hot girls that passed by us. Because if I want to, I can be like them. And so I have to work it out myself.

8) I should stop jumping into my own conclusions and hurt the others around me.

9) I shouldn't think so much when mom and dad's being unfair to me or whatever.

10) To be precise, I should be thankful with what I already have, live my life, and if I want more in life, I should work and get what I want, myself!


Rubina Yunal said...

true this.

But btw pls dont make too much of a deal about ur weight. Because when other people who really are overweight and having real obesity problems see you complaining about how huge u are eventhough the reality is that ur just slightly thicker than the normal, boring 'tiang lampu' type of figure, these overweight people would feel a little insulted and it would ruin their self-esteem a bit.

Like, "Macam ni dh kata gemuk, kitoang yang memang bebetul gemuk ni? Panggil apa pulak?"

Hmm, that's not really nice kan?

Just take good care of ur health and stay as fit as u can. No point obsessing about being super thin, okay?

Take care adek :)

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

oh betul tuh kakak!!!
just like when someone tunjuk kt v pempuan yg for me dia lagi kurus that i am, but then org tu ckp pmpuan tu gemok. so i'll be like, then aku ni apa? if camtu gemok kan.
i know know, been there!!
thanks kakak!!!