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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Went to my ex school yesterday.
And I'm glad to see that so many things changed.
New gate, new guard house, and lots of other new things.
I managed to take some pictures at my ex classroom, science lab, the scary fetus in a jar, bla2.
And yes, the canteen's aunty is still there, and I had the mi asam!
Met some teachers, and those that I was dying to meet- my English teachers.
Mr Lim Chow Khoon, Mr Rajendran, but I didn't get to meet Mrs Lee Ai Ling, (the one that took me into my first ever English drama competition, and boy, I was so thrilled that time) and Mrs Elaine.
When I met Mr Ranjendran in the office, he even called me outside just to say, "You wear like this now, all the Malay teachers are looking at you. Better be careful..." And he giggled.
Don't get me wrong. It's not that I didn't wear apropriately today.
I wore a pair of black leggings, and a knee length dress.
I couldn't actually get what he was trying to say actually.
Mr Lim congratulated me when he asked what I'm doing now, and I told him my progress.
I think he's happy for me, that I actually quite succeed, eventhough I ain't that straight A's student in school last time.
But I do believe, I was indeed, one of his favourite student in English class.
For your info, during secondary school, I wasn't been placed in the few upper classes.
I was kinda in the middle one.
Just like my studies, always in the middle.
Good in this and this subjects, very bad in few others.

Heard the bell rang for recess, and it tickled me a lil.
Reminded me of how rude I was sometimes with the prefects when the second recess bell rang, that means we have to go back to class, me and my friends will still be sitting and chit chatting around and chasing away the prefects.
I even sat at the table where I used to have my recess with my friends.
And the canteen's aunty can still remember me, and she treated me a bar of chocolate.


Then I met Mrs Tan Lay Heong, my Interact Club's advisor.
Asked her if there is any events or the International Understanding Day, (I.U Day), and she said after the last time we had it in Canossa Convent, where we won 1st prize again, they decided not to have it anymore, with this stupid excuse- because our school always won.
We won because we deserved to.
But I'm glad that I actually got the chance to be in the last I.U day.
Eventhough I played a mob in the French Revolution play, it was worth it!
Seriously, I miss Interact Club.
The club that took me to the Rumah Kanak Kanak Terencat Akal once.
We donated some toilettries, got to read them some books, talked to the people.
It was such a valuable and precious memory.
And I still remember Ika, the flexible girl, eventhough she was borned retarded, and was lying on the mat all the time, and couldn't speak, I remember her tears rolling down her cheeks when I told her that I'm going back, and asked her to be strong.
Ok enough of that,
And another Chinese boy, who was sent there after he tried to burn his house, with her brother and father still in the house. Couldnt recalled her name tho, but he followed me to the gate, and cried too.
He must be older now, and bigger maybe.
I'm not even sure.
But, I think God must been saving places in heaven for them.
And I am indeed, very happy to think of it.

Night everybody.

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