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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Err.. Whirley's coming.

I'm getting addicted to the game Dynomite again!!!
Used to have it in one of my oldddd thumbdrives...
But now, believe it or not, for a few weeks already, I've been playing the free game trial.
The one that I can only play for 5mins, and then repeat another 5mins and so on.
Tak boleh lah hidup camni.
I never get bored playing that game y'know.

I remember when I first started playing it, was somewhere in year 2005 when I first entered college, and started mixing around with my seniors. We'll be struggling with each other just to have the few pc's in the graphics studio- to play Dynomite.
One will be playing, and one will be begging, "cepat le...... cepat leeee........"
Kadang sampai bertekak.
Until I managed to saved it my thumbdrive and played it freely from my notebook.
And untillllll, someone accidentally re-format my thumbdrive, and make me lose everything that was stored in it. Best kan.

So a few weeks earlier, I've been playing it again. Downloaded the 5mins trial version from Yahoo. But it's kinda annoying when the window closed automatically after 5mins, and told me to purchase it bla bla.

Is there anyone kindly enough to give me the license number or whatever u called it for Dynomite? Can we actually do that?
If someone out there has it, downloaded the full version, with the license number whatsoever, pls la bagi sayaaaa...
I believe there are, indeed, some kind hearted people out there kan kan?


Yohana Tawith said...


i rasa i ada.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

chechengggggggggggggg.... tell me u ada the license number ke apa ke yg boleh bg i main full versionnn.. mahuuuuuuu...

Rubina Yunal said...

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. I just got the present u sent to me via post. Thank u so much for the perfect gift, the cutest card and the sweetest letter. I was actually looking for a cardholder for me to carry along and I guess it came right on time :) Thank you adek! I looovvee it!

btw, have you tried downloading dynomite free trials from other sites?, etc? well at least you can play an hour longer. Heh, im a sucker for PC games. Sis penah habis main sampai habis game Burger Island, Supple, Teddy Factory guna yahoo games nye 5 minit free trial tu. Ngeee..

anyway thanks again :D wuv yew.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

dah searchhhh... xde dynomite.. :(

but thx alot anyways k sis.
appreciate it so much...

checheng... saya maukkkkkk

Yanie said...

aku ada.. ahahah/...

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

yanieeeeeeeeeee... aku nakkkkkkkkkkk