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Friday, January 9, 2009

Mail for the dead 2

Assalamualaikum Faizal..

How are you?
I hope you're all good and is now in a better place.
I'm 98% out of college already, you know? :)
The 2% remaining would be my outstanding, and my exams that I chose to take during next semester's examination.
I'm done with the classes and all.
Just have to go through the upcoming exam.
The advantage of it would be, I've been given some time by the admin's person in charge to top up my assignments, that will help me score and graduate.
Hope everything will turn out to be fine.
I still have to go to college though.
I've chosen to. I'm gonna hang out with some people that could help me out with my 2 papers. You know, doing revisions and all.
Pray for me, Faizal.

And Insyaallah, I might be continuing my studies doing degree- haven't yet figured out the course that I'll be choosing. But I'm sure it must have something to do with designing. And I'm pretty sure it won't be graphics again. I'm through with graphics, like seriously.
Since I only study graphics because I HAVE TO go to that college and that's the only course that offers arts stuffs. Next, I have to follow my heart, and do what I, MYSELF want to do or been wanting to do.

Faizal, you know how much I miss receiving your colorful letters?
Oh, God knows better. :)
Draw me another daisy that look more like a rafflesia.
I miss that.

He's alright..
The good thing about him that I kinda adore in a weird way would be- not being a constant sweet tooth. Lol.
So whenever he became a sweet talker like once or twice-not everyday-, it means the world to me.
But nothing's so sure yet, I just do hope for this to last forever.

As for you, again, I must say, I wish that you are now placed in a better place.
Are you watching me from far?
Are you there?
Have I lost weight?

Lol. Kiddin'!

U take care love.


Parisian girl said...

hey gorgeous!how are you doing? ;)

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