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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Diary Arwah

I found one of my old diaries when I was tidying up my room yesterday.
And I am reading it right now, until I came to this one page where I wrote about a Councelling Talk that we had when I was in secondary 4.
And one of the speakers was an ex-counsellor of Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad, the school where Arwah Faizal attended until secondary 3, (he passed away before PMR examination, but he did sat for the trials.)

So during that time(the talk), it's been a year since he passed away.
Me and my friends went to meet up with the counsellor, and asked him about Arwah's diary, that we heard was kept by one of the teachers.
And you know what did he said???
"Awak bunuh saya pun saya takkan cakap.."
It means, he wouldn't tell me who's keeping the diary..
He said it cynically.
I was just a lil pissed though.

There must be something in that diary.
But, a few days/weeks after he died, I remember his bestfriend came to me and said that Arwah wanted me to have and keep the diary.
Well I guess, when the teachers found it, and read it, they must've found something and wouldn't want it to be spread or something.
It's been years.
I'm sure there is no way for me to even lay my hands on the diary.

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