Wednesday, January 28, 2009

can i get the hell out a.s.a.p?

When I start to blog about my boredom, ppl won't know how to make me feel better.
Not their fault tho.
Memang I often feel bored.
I feel so lost now.
I don't know what am I to do next.
And can I say this; I regret studying?
I dont know, maybe its because of the Cosmopoint College Melaka.
Like I always mentioned, it's the suckiest college on planet earth!!!!
I hate it, I hate to think that I spent almost 4 damn years there!
I hate the surroundings.
I've never felt like being in an actual college, doing healthy activities.
I've never have the heart to actually go there to study.
There's nothing good about the place.
It's like, shitty and nonsence.
Ask around, those people who's studied there b4, or still there.
Like seriously, I regret everything that has got to do with the place.
Pissed. pissed. pissed. pissed. pissed.


Rubina Yunal said...

Dear Vee,

I just thought this might help snap you back into reality.

I hated MMU the last time I was still there, but believe me one day it'll change no matter how sucky the place was. Of course, if you choose to be optimistic about things, that is.

Don't be too hard on yourself :)

Take care.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

i know sis.. well actually i was so pissed and i never intended to complained bout me being in a college and etc in the first place. there's something. i just dont know how to say it. im unsatisfied with some things, thats got to do with the college.
and because i dont know how or whether or not shud i post on what i was unsatisfied of, so i started to let it all out by condemning the college and stuffs. sigh. but anyways, im kinda lost. and that is why i'm being optimistic at times, and pessimistic, most of the times. i got lost easily, honestly.

Nissie said...

abes diploma meh masuk uniten. penuh bermcm2, tapi yg kental ejk survive. hahhahahhaa. blaja susah nak mampus, kalau ank challenge meh ar masuk sini. hahhahha. i lama lagi kat sini nih. lol

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

haaa... unitennn.. apa ada eh. hee. nanti i usha2.. tgh lost ni x sure nak sambung ke x. isk..

Pen Hilang said...

It couldnt be that bad kan babe. We should be thankful at least we get to sambung belajar. I was like you too masa I belajar dulu. From school to college to Uni!I hated all the places for many reasons. Then i jumpa few good people to help get the reasons off my mind. That's what makes the time worthwhile. So think back babe, reflect on the things that make you happy during the 4 years. It may be little but its something. Maybe those things wouldn't have happened kalau u tak study sana. Be greatful. Works all the time. Jangan lupa smile ya. *hugs*

Naddy Razman said...

dulu, i hate when ppl keep asking me "ko blaja mana?" cuz i malu gila. my college (IUCTT) damn sux man! mcm pusat tuisyen je but i manage to study smpai grad. lps grad, rindu pula na pegi sana. no matter sucks that place b4, nnt lama2 u rindu na g sana :) trust me!