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Monday, January 12, 2009


I just arrived from PD, and hella exhausted okayyy...
We had barbeque last night.
We drove up to Casa Rachado, because the beach there was so inviting.
With trees and all around it, it cheated us for the greenish view of the water.
But however, the water was indeed clear, the sand wasn't bad at all.
The time we reached there was a lil late in the evening.
We even lit our own campfire.
Thot it was easy, but it was super hard.
From getting the barbeque pit ready, to the campfire, and as the night crawled in, the place got darker!.......

We had some chicken wings, just a couple of fishes, s'mores, squids and sausages.
And we managed to cook everything, and find a better place to eat.
The place was nice too, somewhere around Teluk Kemang..
By the time we reached there, there were not so many people.
We spread our woven mat on the white sand, (it looks whiter at night..:), and there was even a couple of spotlights..
People must be wondering, what the hell were we doing having a picnic at night!
It was kinda thrilling okayy..
But thankfully, all is worth it.
We had a very nice bbq meals.

Today, we woke up quite early in the morning, had our breakfast at the hotel's lobby..
And straight away jumped into the pool!
Then, after checking out at 1pm, we went to Casa Rachado again..
Had our lunch...
And believe it or not, we waited until 5pm under the trees, just to get a better weather to swim in the beach.
Someone even left their glowing coal, still burned a lil, and we re-used it, barbequing s'moressss...
But just marshmellows though, no crackers.

But overall, the trip was great!!!
We had so much fun, getting away from our real world- seems like that la.
Wish I could stay longer.
Not PD tho, anywhere but here.

Tired, and darkened. Lol


Rubina Yunal said...

Kalau Vee naik atas sikit drp Casa Rachado tu, ada PNB nye resort called "ILHAM".. seblah resort tu ada bukit yang Vee boleh naik and kat puncak dia ada lighthouse. In the woods, ada bird migration nye path, and you can go jungle trekking, but make sure u bring a friend or two sbb tpt tu agak angker jugak la hehehe. Ada org asli kot dlm tu. From the lighthouse, if you look down, you can see a cave right before the ocean. The view is breathtaking, and it's a good exercise to walk up there too.

Next time try la. It's my favourite place sejak kecik. Hope u had a great vacay.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

oh yes i know. PNB ilham something2.. tuh la.. nak pergi je lighthouse tu. tp semua mcm rushing.. isk. takpe, pd dkt je! there must be next time! hee