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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As fit as a fiddle.

Awh Mister Love is having a fever, and he looked oh so cute.
Having him being sick was never a good thing for me to see, but, he do look even cuter when he's sick..
It's like, looking at the 12 years younger look of him.
But yes, I pray so much that he'll get well sooner.
And during his day of suffering from fever, he even managed to get me a couple of presents.
Somebody got his paycheck... wheee..

He texted me, saying that he wanted to meet up, and he has something to tell me.
He sounded so serious and I asked him again and again, Whazzzuppp meng?
Lol. Not really, I just asked him, APA?????
At first he said wait till we meet up.
Few hours later, he texted me again.
He was questioning me silly stuffs like, "Eversince we're together, have you ever been dishonest or unloyal to me?"
And I was like, "whaaaa? No."
And he kept asking me for reassurance and all.
I said No.
He just replied with, "Thanks for being honest."

And when he arrived at my place, he was just smiling, carrying a bag in his hand.
A brown beach bag.
He handed it to me, first thing I saw was a white plastic bag in the beach bag.
So I took it and checked whats inside.
It was a very cute pyjamas.
He said the bag is for me too.
I didn't asked him whether or not he just got his paycheck.
But I'm sure I'm right.

May you get well sooner, mister lebleb.

Gotta crash.
Can't wait to go to school.
Nighties pretties.

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