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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Babyyyyyy..

It's 11.20am right now, just got back from the gym, and I received a very good news.
My aunt has safely delivered a baby boy.
Aleia dah dapat adikkkk....
Padan muka kau tak dapat manja sangat!
Kiddin' la.
We always love you Aleia.
And hello little cousin- with no name yet.
I have to send my mom to her hairdresser and come back home again, take my shower, and go on with the next agenda.

Oh btw, Last 2 years camtuh, I was the last niece of my 2 uncles and 1 aunt.
But then Aleia came on Nov 29th 2007, then Adam Syah on April 2008.
And now, Aleia's baby brother, and Adam pun akan dapat adik..
His mom is now pregnant with a 2mths+ baby.

Nenek...... 24 tahun ada kakak and saya saje, skrg, amik tuh..
4 baby.
Sekali 4 cucu in 2 years kot.
Yey yeyyy dapat baby!

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