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Saturday, January 31, 2009

5.43pm.- meeting the fam.

Okay. Finally.
The so-called bad thing that I said gonna happen to me was;
My boyfie's brother's wedding.
The bridegroom's side, and mr boyfie invited me.
Oh and, I have never, ever met any of my boyfriend's family before.
Ada pun, terserempak with his 2 sisters, tu pun memang tak sempat introduce, sebab tengah2 jalan..
Ex penah la. I mean, I once went for Raya at my ex's place, and met his parents.
But I was with 3 of my girlfriends.
And I still remember when his mother asked, which one is Sabrina, I pointed out at Tatak, while Tatak, Hanim and Bee were pointing at me. Yeah, 3 vs 1.

But today, was even worst.
First of, it's because, he's still my boyfie.
2ndly, it's a wedding ceremony- with all his relatives around.
3rdly, everyone will be busy, even mr boyfie, so I had to make myself comfortable by my own.
And yes, I came ALONE- ALL BY MYSELF!
Ya Allah, yes only God knows how I felt.
Dah la sampai susah nak tidur last night.
And while I was driving tadi, tangan sejuk gilaaa.

Sampai2 aje, boyfie came to me, took the present for the newly weds.
And then he took my bag and put in one of the rooms.
Then he introduced me to his mom, sisters and aunties- in the kitchen.
One of her sisters passed me a chopping board, a knife, and chilis.
Kena hiris utk digaul with acar timun - I dont eat this stuff. Lol.
Pastu tolong ada makcik ni wrap lauk pengantin pulak.
And also, angkat lauk lauk pengantin tu dari dapur ke meja pengantin..
While boyfie sibuk mengambil gambar, and tolong di luar.
Then after helping in the kitchen, I went up to the serambi and chitchat a lil bit with the bride.

Makin lama makin kurang guests,.. And I helped boyfie at the garden..
Basuh pinggan mangkuk and all.

Tu semua okay la.
But one thing that was veryyyyy super hard for me to handle would be,
when his father called his mom and joked, "Ni haaa.. BAKAL..."
And then one of his uncles asked him, "Bila lagi???"
And then his aunt, "Makwe ehhhh..."

It was really my first time.
That's why it's like such a big deal to me.
I came at 12pm and stayed until 5pm.

But overall, everything went well, Alhamdulillah..



Yanie said...

da dpt restu neh
leh kawennn

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

haha restu waklu. cheq punya ketaqqq hang tak tawwwwww!!~

Ola said...

well..a lot more better than my big bro's annoying gf la..
when she drop by,she wouldn't do any job(tp x kesah la kn,guest la pula),tp yg menyampahnya,dia mengurungkan dirinya d dlm bilik KU
waargh!!can't stand haveing her around..
anyway,she's ok jga la..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hahaha ye ke.. well, 1st impression matters most kot. but nasib baik la kena potong cili. buatkan disuruh masak, confirm i ternganga 10minit. haha

Nissie said...

that sounds super ok to me honey. :)

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Nissie darling, ok ke?
Believe it or not sampai skrg im mcm freaking out a lil bit. kinda hard to believe it already happened. Haha. mmg bangang la i ni