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Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's only the 24th day of 2009, and I guess, quite alot of things already happened.
God gave me a new borned cousin and he took away another one.
Both happy and tragic news to be received for a start of beginning a new year for me.
For the new borned cousin, Mohd Arief, Alhamdulillah.
For the one who passed away, Taqi, Al- Fatihah...

On current new things that I'm going thru,- difficulties on getting a part time job.
Not really, procrastination- my biggest, ever problem!
So it's better not to tell when I'll be getting a job, let's wait for a post which will start with; YEY I GOT A JOB!!

But I already have some plans for February.
There'll be a wedding of one of my besties' brother.
I'm looking forward to it- who doesn't?!
Gathering with all of my besties and reminiscing the good old days.
It's been so damn long since we ALL, sat together and talked for hours and laughed like a bunch of banshees. Err. Takut. Hehe.
They've already asked me to bring along the camera, and we gonna take lots of pics together.
Can't wait.

Oh and yes, have you ever been in a situation where u feel completely used?
Like, someone who never invited you for a vacation with their fam started to invite you, and simply tell u that by taking you, they might get to pay cheaper price for the holiday package or something? Not just that, the day where all of the family members should be gathering together and also to visit the new baby, they wont be coming? Thank God that the trip includes the first day of Chinese New Year.
My Singapore relatives will be coming down. And plus, as a person who has Chinese blood flowing in her body should be at her Chinese family's place, and collect angpows! Not neglect them by going to an island- no matter how nice the place is! So I kindly reject it, due to the thought of being used and the need to be with my family during the holidays.

On Chinese New Year, can't wait!
Not just the angpows! But getting to be around my Chinese family that I seldomly get to spend time with all of them.
And picking up which Cheongsam that I'll be wearing this year. The black, long cheongsam dress! But I gotta ask my mom whether or not its apropriate to wear black. Who knows, it's modern days already. Lol. It's still a cheongsam anywayssss.

Btw, I'd like to wish a friend of mine, Eric Emir- a Happy Birthday. Here, in my blog.
Coz I just feel like adding more stuffs in this post before I go. Lol.

Alrighty people.
Gotta crash.
See ya!

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Ola said...

Hye...since THE DATE(read my previous blog)
I feel that i am completely used..
I've being so close with all relatives
I even discover a new family@relatives who
I never meet & knows b4..