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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dad has been admitted in MMC 2 days ago, again..
So I went to pay him a visit with mom and my sis just now, and yes mom is here.
See, my dad has been verrrryyyyy stubborn, still playing badminton eventhough his body isn't that well to play any sports especially one that needs so much strength like jumping, smashing, running and all.
And even the doc warned him before, he still insisted to keep playing his beloved badminton.
Now look where you are sleeping at again papa, hospital. grr.

My boyfie had quite a pissy day yesterday.
He went to get his haircut, somewhere near his workplace, because my hairdressers at Cut&Curl were having their day off- every Tuesday,
So he went to that unknown hairdresser whom he called Amoi, and the result? He hate his new hair, and the Amoi as well.
He was even a lil shy to meet me.
And started wearing his straw hat again.
Well, to me, it doesn't look THAT bad lah.
But I told him that he shouldn't think so much about his hair or else it will get longer later as it's supposed to be.
I did that u know, when I cut my hair short, and started to dislike it and wished that it grew longer sooner, I decided not to think so much about it, and pretend that nothing happened.
And then even my mom noticed that my hair's growing sooner than it was expected to be.
My bf even asked if I am embarassed to walk next to him since he have that ugly haircut, and I was like, D'uh, who're u kiddin?!!!

I still love u, as long as I can manage.
And wish that we'll stay longer and longer and who knows, forever.
God's willing, Insyaallah...
But if it's not, I'll just have to accept fate..
Means that we're not meant to be together or somethin somethin.
But for now, yes I do want to be with you till the day that I exhale my last breathe.

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