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Saturday, January 31, 2009

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1.Have you said "i love you" today
Yes I have.

2.Did you cry at your graduation or smile because you were glad it was over?
Haven't been thru graduation yet.

3.What's your nickname?

4.How do you calm down when you’re extremely angry?
Cry. Yea I ain't no gangstah afterall, yyyeappp. But sometimes I'd just lie down in my bed, lock myself in the room and stare at the damn ceiling.

5.A movie or a long walk in the beach on a date?
Beach wins!

6.A guy/girl comes up to you says "hey babe", you say?
Huh? Well if he/she is someone I know, I'll def reply "Hey..". But if it was a stranger, I'll just turn around or walk away or ignore them or ask them politely Do I know u?

7.What's first thing you notice in a guy/girl?
Entah eh... Mcm susah je soalan ni.

8.Would you ever date someone covered in tats and piercings?

9.Would you want a house at the beach or in the mountains?
Well, both are nice. So either one.

10.What are 2 of your favorite colors?
White & Turqoise

11.What time is it right now?

12.What's your zodiac sign?

13.Are you a party animal or someone who prefers to stay in a quiet place?
The second one.

14.Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Cats la woi.

15.Would you drive 100 miles for the one you love?
No sweat~

16.Does love really make you act crazy?
Oh yess..

5.43pm.- meeting the fam.

Okay. Finally.
The so-called bad thing that I said gonna happen to me was;
My boyfie's brother's wedding.
The bridegroom's side, and mr boyfie invited me.
Oh and, I have never, ever met any of my boyfriend's family before.
Ada pun, terserempak with his 2 sisters, tu pun memang tak sempat introduce, sebab tengah2 jalan..
Ex penah la. I mean, I once went for Raya at my ex's place, and met his parents.
But I was with 3 of my girlfriends.
And I still remember when his mother asked, which one is Sabrina, I pointed out at Tatak, while Tatak, Hanim and Bee were pointing at me. Yeah, 3 vs 1.

But today, was even worst.
First of, it's because, he's still my boyfie.
2ndly, it's a wedding ceremony- with all his relatives around.
3rdly, everyone will be busy, even mr boyfie, so I had to make myself comfortable by my own.
And yes, I came ALONE- ALL BY MYSELF!
Ya Allah, yes only God knows how I felt.
Dah la sampai susah nak tidur last night.
And while I was driving tadi, tangan sejuk gilaaa.

Sampai2 aje, boyfie came to me, took the present for the newly weds.
And then he took my bag and put in one of the rooms.
Then he introduced me to his mom, sisters and aunties- in the kitchen.
One of her sisters passed me a chopping board, a knife, and chilis.
Kena hiris utk digaul with acar timun - I dont eat this stuff. Lol.
Pastu tolong ada makcik ni wrap lauk pengantin pulak.
And also, angkat lauk lauk pengantin tu dari dapur ke meja pengantin..
While boyfie sibuk mengambil gambar, and tolong di luar.
Then after helping in the kitchen, I went up to the serambi and chitchat a lil bit with the bride.

Makin lama makin kurang guests,.. And I helped boyfie at the garden..
Basuh pinggan mangkuk and all.

Tu semua okay la.
But one thing that was veryyyyy super hard for me to handle would be,
when his father called his mom and joked, "Ni haaa.. BAKAL..."
And then one of his uncles asked him, "Bila lagi???"
And then his aunt, "Makwe ehhhh..."

It was really my first time.
That's why it's like such a big deal to me.
I came at 12pm and stayed until 5pm.

But overall, everything went well, Alhamdulillah..



It's 1.14am. Kinda hard for me to shut my eyes and have a peaceful sleep.
Today, I mean, later on after Subuh prayer, I've been assigned to fetch my uncle,(my dad's cousin, 25yrs old) from Melaka Central.
Yeay, morning person I am today!

Oh yes, there's a some kinda bad thing that I'm gonna have to deal with, and a good thing that happened to me.

The good one; my uncle and aunt got me a new phone.
One that I've been eyeing for, for quite some time.
Alhamdulillah, I consider myself lucky.
And I'm thankful.

The bad one, I guess I'll write about it once I'm done dealing with it.
Let's wait for my next post.
All I can say is, the thing has got me having this sleepless night.
Alright people, let's glue this eyes of mine.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

can i get the hell out a.s.a.p?

When I start to blog about my boredom, ppl won't know how to make me feel better.
Not their fault tho.
Memang I often feel bored.
I feel so lost now.
I don't know what am I to do next.
And can I say this; I regret studying?
I dont know, maybe its because of the Cosmopoint College Melaka.
Like I always mentioned, it's the suckiest college on planet earth!!!!
I hate it, I hate to think that I spent almost 4 damn years there!
I hate the surroundings.
I've never felt like being in an actual college, doing healthy activities.
I've never have the heart to actually go there to study.
There's nothing good about the place.
It's like, shitty and nonsence.
Ask around, those people who's studied there b4, or still there.
Like seriously, I regret everything that has got to do with the place.
Pissed. pissed. pissed. pissed. pissed.

Or u want me to beg on bended knees?

Doesn't matter the people in my family, relatives or friends; but these below are some of the attitudes or behaviours that I can't easily tolerate with;

1. People who have moodswings! Like the doesnt-make-sense ones. Like, in 3 seconds, at the first second they're being oh so nice to me, atleast okay, and at the 3rd second, they tend to whine or make a fuss out of nothing!! Psycho.

2. People who drag others altogether when they're not in a good mood. I mean like, they had to spoiled others' moods as well. If you're not in the mood or whatsoever, just deal with it yourself especially if you don't need anyone to talk to you or confront you!

3. People who will never stop telling me what to do, when I'm actually growing up and I've already understood how the world goes around.

4. People who can't accept the fact that one day- sooner or later, they just have to let me go for my very own sake. Unless they never wished to see me being independent.

5. People who obviously couldn't trust me but at the same time they're doing things that got me feeling suspicious especially when they've done quite alotta silly things before.

6. People who tend to tell me that I shouldn't do this or that when they're doing worsts!

7. People who expect me to sit around with him/her but not saying a word- like strangers! And when I need to go, they'll say that I'm making this house like a hotel.

8. People who's being over-protected on me. And tell their friends to keep an eye on me and if I did something bad, let them know- something like 'spying'? Pssh. That, pissed me off, BIG TIME!

9. People who told me to do things that I don't have the heart for, and in the end when I don't succeed, they just got mad at me.

10. People who keeps seeking for sympathies and let others think and make their own stupid conclusions on how bad we are.

11. People who expect us to be this and that when they should be responsible for training us wayyy earlier, to be what they wanted us to be.

12. People who judge without knowing anything at all.

13. People who never even tried to change even after being told about his wrong doings after all this years!!!!

And for this kind of people, I can only say this;
Please, don't make me lost my respect for you. Don't make me go away with a heavy heart. Don't make me feel guilty of nothing. Stop thinking that the world revolves around you. Please accept the fact that I ain't no kid anymore. Please.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Korang korang! Hihi..
Korang layan tak Keeping Up With The Kardashians??
Korang tengok tak part yang Rob nangis masa Adrienne kena ke India for the shoot of Cheetah Girls 3?
I just watched the episode just awhile ago.
I got goosebumps weh masa tengok Rob nangis.
Mamat tuh dah la cute gila gaban!!
Macho kaww kawww
And dia relax aje menangis and all just because his girlfriend will be away from him for 3 months.
Tak ada nak control hemsem, control macho.
Wheeeeeeeeeii I loike!
Adrienne is sooo damn lucky to have Rob!
It's obvious how much they're madly in love, well atleast for now.
And Kourtney and Khloe adalah kakak2 yang sangat gila sweet nak mams for getting Rob a flight ticket to India just so that he'll get to be with Adrienne- since Rob mcm gila bayang duduk rumah belek2 gambar dengan Adrienne, he even told Kourtney that he need some time alone, maybe he'll just watch Cheetah Girls! Gahahahha... How sweeeet. Sweet la bodo! Haha..
Oh btw, mr boyfie who was in JB yesterday, thought of giving me a lil surprise.. He planned the surprise with Pop, unfortunately, both Pop and I, couldn't understand his surprise. And in the end, he got busted. Lol.
He didnt text me at all since morning..
Rupanya ada plan.
And Pop terkantoikan since mmg si sengal tu pun didn't warned him anything. Lol.
How sweet of u, mi love.
Alrighty ppl..

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2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda...

Ola. My new blog pal. :) Thanks yah..

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.-

1. Mengadap lappie
nih ha..

2. Incek boyfie adalah hobby saya yang paling best

3. Edit gambar, MySpace profile and also blog layout.
4. Memalaskan diri atas couch, peluk dan cium bantal busuk puas puas.
5. Makan.
6. Mengambil gambar- mostly gambar diri sendiri. Yes. Syok sendiri. aha.
7. Tidur. Walaupun makin lama makin saya yakin saya ada sikit insomnia.
8. Membeli membelah bahagi kan dan tambahkan dengan digit terawal. Apakah?
9. Memandu tanpa arah tuju.
10. Berangan angan dan berangin angin

4.Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.
10 pembaca tag ini yang rasa berminat... :)

Dearest mamzie.

My mom's turning 40 today!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Mama...
One thing funny, I texted her and wished her birthday.
And she replied me with this,

Mom: "TQ luv u 2.. know wat?
I tink being 40 rocks!
I can feel it alrdy.. hehe"

And I replied her again,

Vee: " D'uh. U're old, like so old! Start imagining playing with ur own cucu, NENEK!"

Mom: "Wat like so old? Me?"

Vee: "40"

Mom: "It's just a number. Nite.."

Gahahahhahaha. Tah apa apa la mak aku tuh.
But on this special day, I'm gonna say this truthfully, honestly, and right from the deepest core of my heart.
My mom is the most amazing person that I have ever known in my whole lifetime.
From her patience, strength, humbleness.
And I swear that I won't give any way to anyone to hurt her again, anymore.
I promise.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Lil Reunion. Yey

Well, after feeling all bored earlier this afternoon, Bee called me up and said that she's in Melaka with her mom and her future sis-in-law, they're on the way to MP to get some stuffs for her bro's wedding and wanted to meet me up.

Since I was hella bored, I quickly changed and got ready and went to MP.
Met Bee.. and after a few minutes, Lisz came by as well.
And there we were, all 3 of us. It's like, flashing back those
days when we'll go to MP after tuition classes, or after school. We even went to some places that we used to hang out last time.

Honestly, I had suchhhhh a gurrrreatttt time!!!
It's been yearsss since all 3 of us get to chill together here in Melaka.
It was awesome!
We talked like there'll be no tomorrow.

Accompanied Bee to Euro Moda since she's looking for cloth to make a skirt for her baju.
And then her mom and sis in law went home, while she and Lisz stayed with me and we decided to go get our addictive,favourite, ever mango juice! After getting the drinks, both of them decided to have dinner, and I said I've no money. Lol. Since both of them are working, they treated me for dinner! We had ikan siakap sweet&sour, kailan oyster sauce and siput. Kenyang okayy... And then Hanim came. We chit chat for a few mins, and then me and Bee had to make our moves. Bee will be going back to Seremban. So Lisz followed Hanim, since they still wanna hangout a lil longer. And failed persuading us to stay. Lol. Bee followed me, and I dropped her off at her brother's place where her fam was waiting.
Kissed them goodbye, and... Bored again. Lol..

After I sent Bee, I dropped by at one of my grand aunts' place.. My sis, Singapore cousin and aunt were there as well..
They were having dinner, and invited me.
I just ate the lauk pauk. Haha..
Jaga hati.. Ecehhh..

Then I told my sis that I had mango juice earlier, then she and my cousin, Kak Sharin said I should've tapau for them. And I was like, GUA BANCRUPT WEYYYyy!
And we decided to go to Portuguese Settlement again and get some mango juice.

Uncle Joe- the owner of the stall said that we have to wait for 20 mins.
We even get to watched the fire crackers and all..

And there was this friend of Uncle Joe approached me,
"Dik, tanya sikit boleh? Rumah ada borang tak?"
Me: Borang???? Borang apa???
Him: Borang nikahhh...
Me: Sape nak nikah??
Him: Saya laaa... laughing
Uncle Joe: You angkat you punya kasut, u baling sama dia!
Him: Jangan marah aaa.. Gurau aje. Tak boleh gurau, duduk surau..

Then only I get the joke.
That's one of the things I like about these Portuguese ppl, they are so friendly!

Be it men or women.
Especially Uncle Joe and a couple of his friends/uncles.
Last time, when they haven't renovated the place, and Uncle Joe's still selling mango juice at his hawker stall, we will chat about football and all while waiting for our juice.
And just now he mentioned about one of his friends, that used to talk to us just passed away.
Well, overall, today had been fun.
Especially having my girls around.
Can't wait to do it again!


I miss him.
More and more and more.


Happy Chinese New Year, people

I'm at home, with my dad.
My sister's gone out since morning with my cousin, our aunt and our grand aunt.
Heard that they went to the market, blabla.. Boring.....
I'm so deeply in with all these mini pixels. Lol.

Oh btw, I'm not going to my Chinese family's place today.
They're not at home.. So I guess we'll have to wait til mamzie comes home and then we'll go together.

Again, I miss him ...