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Monday, December 28, 2009

Do that pouty thang baybeee~ LOL

I was having a conference chat with some friends earlier in YM and we were like gossiping about some people who have the same kind of face expressions in almost all of their photos in FB and MySpace. Especially those doing that pouty pouty thangggg.. Lol.
There was ONE male friend who joined the conference, anddd.. boleh tahannnn mengumpat!! Hahhahaha..
Don't get us wrong though.. We gossip with limits. :)
Just some materials we needed to have a coversation that was filled with so much laughterssss!

Oh by the way, I'm all excited and looking forward to have this Aunty-Nieces, Nephews and Potential Nieces and Nephews reunion that I'll be having at my aunt's hotel in JB sometime in January next month.
Aunty Muna planned it, and so far most of my cousins will be attending.. And even those in Aussie, Jakarta might be flying down for the event. We're still having discussions in the Facebook invitation board, regarding the theme for the event. Whatever it is, I'm sure we're gonna have so much fun!

I love my current job. I love my work place. I love my colleagues.. :) Saje..
Talk to y'all later, lovely peeps!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

s i c k n e s s & s u c c e s s

I actually broke my record. It's already 5 months, I been living my life without that so-called boyfie-boyfie thingy.
The longest period that I been thru being single.

Yeay me!!!!


It's an accomplishment okay..

And yes I've been sick.
And yes yes I'm gonna be just fine.

Be safe people. =)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Happy birthday to the November's...
- Daniel, Lya, Tuah, Mamat and Vee-
Had such a great time at PD with the folks and the two lil' kids..
Moyang had so much fun, obviously- she was acting so cutely making honking sounds as Faiz pushed her on her wheelchair.. The barbeque was a blast!
Oh I'll update this later. Gotta crash, working at 6am!!! Night2!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh dear Greatness.

It's great seeing you smiling all the way..
It's great knowing that you're leading such a happy life..
It's great to realise that I'm not praying to see you fall.
It's great to be someone that I have always been, rather than turning myself into a monster.

It's great that I never ever want to be like you..
It's great that I'm enjoying living the life that I'm currently living..

More importantly, it's great to not having any feelings towards you anymore.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tadi di tempat kerja, during my free time..
When there were no flights boarding, saya ambil surat khabar and browsed thru..
So eager nak tahu cerita about Jusco baru di Melaka yang sepatutnya di launchkan on this coming 17th; exploded yesterday due to gas leakage ke apa.

After reading the article regarding the explosion and all, saya terus la browse thru the other pages.. And then terhenti saya dekat one page with an article regarding peminta sedekah yang deal with syndicates and all. Tak perlu baca article tu pun, dah lama saya terfikir fikir pasal issue ni. Bila manusia manusia yang tak berhati perut, menggunakan orang orang yang kurang upaya- letak mereka di kaki-kaki jalan, meminta sedekah.. Then, diorang yang kutip duit tu.. And kita boleh aje imagine kan, macam mana layanan yang diterima oleh orang-orang yang bernasib malang tuh.. You think those demons nak cakap elok elok dengan hormat ke pada si malang tu?

Dipergunakan.. Dengan keadaan fizikal yang dah terlebih cukup buat diri mereka menderita, ditambah pula dijadikan bahan untuk orang lain mendapatkan keuntungan. Sedih kan? And dalam kepala otak saya, memang it won't be surprising if syaitan syaitan tuh menggunakan kekerasan pada mereka.

Cuba sekali, bayangkan diri kita di tempat mereka. Ibarat dah jatuh, ditimpa tangga lagi.. Sayu.. Bila fikirkan takdir tentukan nasib diri diciptakan dalam keadaan penuh kekurangan, dan dilayan pulak dengan penuh kehinaan. Kadang kadang, mesti tak dapat lari dari menyalahkan takdir. 'kenapa aku dijadikan begini?' - Soalan macamni pasti tak lekang dari mulut dan fikiran.

Dalam article yang saya baca tu, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Datuk Jalil suggested supaya kita jangan memberi sedekah lagi, kerana in the end, duit tuh bukan milik diorang. And tak perlu la dari beliau aje, ramai orang di keliling saya yang pernah cadangkan benda yang sama.. Dan saya tak blame diorang pun sebab memutuskan begitu.

Takkan lah setiap satu peminta sedekah/orang-orang kurang upaya di kaki-kaki jalan tu semua berurusan dengan sindiket sindiket haram? Macam mana kita nak identify, bezakan mana yang betul dan tidak? Saya pasti masih ada antara mereka yang betul-betul memerlukan duit sedekah dari kita dan dengan duit hasil meminta sedekah itu la diorang gunakan untuk teruskan hidup mereka hari demi hari..

Bila saya fikir, hanya disebabkan segelintir umat-umat yang tak berperikemanusiaan ni, penderitaan orang-orang yang bernasib malang ni datang bertimpa-timpa lagi.

Sumpah sebak sangat hati saya bila kenangkan perasaan mereka. Dan saya ni hanya mampu bayangkan,.. Tapi mereka yang menaggung beban derita ni semua, pasti sakit nya sampai rasa lebih baik Tuhan ambil aje nyawa ni kan?

Sangat complicated.

Tapi bagi saya, kalau nak sedekah, biar lah niat hati tu betul betul ikhlas. Kalau sekali dah rasa was was, syakwasangka tentang sindiket la apa, kalau rasa tak nak sedekah, tak perlu lah. Sebab tak guna pun. Dan kalau tak nak bagi pun, jangan lah pulak sampai mulut tu menghina-hina, atau kalau tidak pasti, tak perlu la terus menuding jari dan mengeluarkan kenyataan pasal sindiket-sindiket haram tuh. Diorang tak layak diperlakukan mcm tu.

Ibaratnya bila seorang perempuan bertudung dilihat melakukan maksiat, statement begini; "PEREMPUAN PAKAI TUDUNG BUKAN NYA BAIK SANGAT!"
Jadi bagaimana perasaan perempuan-perempuan bertudung lain yang memang suci, memang layak digelar MUSLIMAH?
Bengang kan???

kerana nila setitikkk..~

Haih dunia..
Haih diri..

Harap masih diberi kesempatan dan masa untuk berubah, dan masih dapat melangkah ke jalan yang betul, dari jalan yang lebih jauh menyesatkan.

just a piece of my mind, anyways.

Daddy's day

Hello everyone; friends, relatives, followers and fellow stalkers... :)

Oh no no, I forgot that I've decided not to call anyone who visited my blog as a stalker no more since my blog has always been here for public viewing and never been private before.. So it's a freedom to everyone to read it. Yeap.

Oh well..

First and foremost, I'd like to wish my dad a very Happy Happy Birthday..
And of course I wish him all well and all smiles and all the good things..

On current updates..
I'm actually suffering from fever right now.
A fresh one, since yesterday...

After 3 days off from work and spending my so-called holidays in Singapore, JB and Malacca- now I'm sick. Oh yes, I'm enjoying it...------- NOT!!!! ergh.

On life; everything's flowing normally. With ups, and downs. :)
Be safe ppl.
I gotta get ready to work..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The bestfriend with that special feelings for me..

Why do you care so much about me.
Why do you have to trouble yourself all the time for me..

I ain't no special lady.
I ain't no angel.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Single brings more smil(:

Have you people ever felt this kinda feeling when we're single, there will be times when we got emotional and wish we have someone, or that 'lover' around and share the love and whatsoever? But when we're in relationships with someone, especially the kind of relationship that brought alotta mess, heartaches, lies and all- we just knew that we have to get out.
So which one is better?

Being alone, feel the longing for love.
Or being hooked, but felt killed deeply inside again and again?

Well as for me, I think I'd be better off single.
Since I'm going thru it right now and the feeling of glad conquers me better than the feeling of longing for another HIM.

I think this time is the longest period that I've been thru being single.
And never did I expected it to be wayyy better than being in a messed up relationship.

I just happened to realize that it's not that hard living without a love partner. All this while, I never gave myself some time to think wisely whether or not I should accept the man, whether or not he will be able to love me sincerely and accept me for who I am..

But I don't think I should blame myself, at the same time.
I was young, and still young.. :)
And at least, those shits that I been thru taught me alot, and of course I'm not that stupid to learn my lessons.

I guess it's true when they said, if a relationship brings more tears and heartaches than laughters, then there must be something not right with it- and a bigggg possibility that it will not work out and last long.

Sabrina's 22 now.
Not that old, but MAYBE old enough to think wisely, and be wiser.


Good morning.
I just felt like typing, and I chose to blog about Being Single Rocks!

Be safe everybody!

Eid'ul Mubarak

Greetings everyone..

First off, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, family, relatives and my fellow blog visitors a blissful Eid'ul Mubarak.. May all of you have a blessed one.

I had my 1 day off today; fetched my sister from work at 3pm and drove to PD to meet up with my fam; my dad, grandmum, grand aunty, my eldest uncle with his wife and his 2 kids, Adam Syah and Amar Syah, my youngest uncle with his wife and his 2 kids Aleiah Khadija and Arief..

Once arrived at Avillion Admiral Cove, my dad and eldest uncle were at the parking lot waving at me as they were saving a space for me to park my car- right next to dad's..
And then we entered the hotel and met Aunty Yan, Adam, Amar and bibik. I was wondering why was Adam wearing this diaper look-alike thingy with a t-shirt..
He was ready to hit the pool. So we all walked to the pool side area and Adam got all excited once he got into the water. He looked so cute in the yellow float, splashing water at his mom and dad. Lol.

A few minutes later, my grandmum came down to the poolside with my youngest uncle and his fam.. And they got into the pool as well. And I got to witness 4 absolutely cute babies enjoying themselves in th water with so much freedom.

After spending time at the pool, we all went up to the 3 rooms; dad's got his own room-all by himself since mom was still at work. And 2 other rooms for my eldest uncle with his fam, another room for the youngest one with his fam, my grandmum and grand aunt.

We had our Eid'ul Mubarak's dishes in the room.. And it was nice, having them around after some time not seeing them all together.

Overall, I had fun. I love my family.

Gotta work at 11am tomorrow.
Have a good day, lovely visitors and followers and stalkers!
*Mucho Love; Sabrina*

Friday, November 27, 2009

One long message.

.:Don't you chase me too fast....
Because I'll be running faster.....
further away from you.:
Trust me on that. I know myself better.. In fact, as a normal human being, this is what I am supposed to feel with what's going on between 'you' and me.. Nobody likes being pushed. Especially to do something that we are unwilling at all to do..
You put so much hopes in me too soon..
And that was the part where you stepped onto the wrong track. I like you, I even told you that earlier during the first few days that you came into my life. I am so very sure to say that; NEVER, ever, did I mentioned the word love to you before.
The way you like me is freaking the hell out of me already. It was all so nice and all at first.. It all started after your regard sent to me, and then you told me that you like me. And I also said the same thing to you.. But.... I remember clearly what I said, you do have good looks; features, and the most exciting part is, you have one of the criterias that I like in a guy which is the serious and cold expression and from that expression of yours got me guessing and kept wondering about you. Like, WTH is wrong with this guy. But still, that's the reason that you got my attention and how I started to notice your existence. Seeing you passing by me without smiling or atleast a simple Hi got me guessing that you must be having some kinda issues with me. Having you approaching me, got me surprised.
.....when you said you like me, it made my day and I accepted it with arms wide opened.
But............... can you please tell me, when you actually said you LOVE me;......
Where on Earth did that feeling came from? How the hell can you simply say you love me when you didn't even know me??
You said you've fallen for me eversince the first day that you set your eyes on me. You said I look cute and sweet. So obviously, those are just my outerlooks right. What about my whole self? What's in me? Sweet? How do you know? You should think more than twice to proposed me to be your girl; which; gave me such a shock!! You said that you like me because I'm down to earth, shy and a quiet girl? OMG. You should've seen me when I'm gaving my people around! I can burst out into very loud laughters as if I've been possessed! And you ever heard me swearing here and there whenever I'm driving, rushing to work when the other drivers got me pissed off? See, you just don't know me at all to even atleast say you LOVE me!
So maybe, if I actually agreed to hook up with u and became your girl the other day, tomorrow or then you might dump me after seeing my true colors. And then you might say, "If only I knew your attitude's like this earlier.......(yada yada).." and more bullshits to come. :)
Plus, you're 1 year younger than me. To be honest, I got pissed when you said that you don't give a damn if I'm older than u are and all. What's with the selfish attitude? Yes I do know, and agree that age is just numbers and it all lies in the hands of fate. But your attitude got me stressed out- pushing me, u're starting to act like you're my man-and you kept triggering me, psychoing me by saying that you know that you're not good enough for me, not qualified to be my man-etc etc; now those are just so immature, childish, and make me take our gap of age issue seriously. Your childishness will automatically keep myself away from you. It's diff if you're younger but owns a mentality that's beyond your age and that I can cope with.
So excuse me, young man.. Please treat me with more respects rather than forcing me to love you and have the same feelings that you're having for me.It's just so damn wrong. I am indeed, a person who will keep on trying to please everyone around me, and I can be nice as long as I'm able to. Just don't cross the line. There's a borderline.
You said that you'll be frustrated if I might reject you. You agreed to be friends, so what's up with the rejecting & frustrated thingy? Do you expect me to agree being your girl just because I sympathize and I don't wanna hurt you?
--To be really honest, I do feel a lil overwhelmed when they said this is the first time they ever saw you approaching and fall head over heels over a girl.I felt special. But; I apologize if I got this wrongly; sometimes it's obvious that you're getting a lil obsessed over me and it makes me feel extremely bad. And it's also clear to see that you're already putting so much hopes in me which I've warned you earlier not to.
.:First of, I am a 22 years old lady who has been thru alotta ups and downs. Be it in relationships, or life. At my stage right now, I don't need these kiddy kinda stuffs to get stucked up on my head, add up more mess and stress me out.
:.I tried to be as nice as I could, got things clearly as a crystal to you as nice as I could. But it just seemed that you chose not to listen.
So... On that day when I might actually hurt you; I hope you'll remember every single thing that I've said to you; about not putting hopes in me.
.:Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm being picky, fussy or whatever.^I have been 'there' before. Been in love, been on that love boat for years. It was a long, serious, dramatic one. One that I used to truly cherished and adored. But fate has done it's part by showing me the truths. And truth hurts;no doubt. It's been written this way and the love is long gone.
:.So for my future, I guess I have the rights, and it's not wrong for me to wait and one day I might be in search for what I've been dreaming for. I want to atleast try to fulfill my own dreams. Doesn't matter what it's regarding of; marriage, luxuries, career-etc.
Because to me, I'm still a young lady with a longer journey to be explored and go through.
.:I am not sick of love. But the feeling of love that I used to have with me is still on a long vacation. So let it be. I don't even want it to come back yet. Afterall, I'm actually happy with the current life that I'm leading without having the love around.
:.And with these kinda issues keep bugging me, soon I might be sticking a note on my forehead which says; PLEASE DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ME. YOUR CO-OPERATION WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU.
:::..i am just not ready yet to get back on that love boat. i want to be here for now..:::'s not even that important; to be in love.::

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nowv Amp Berrrrr 24th 1987 :)

Finally, the day that no one has been waiting for has arrived. Bahahhahaha..
Okay Happy Birthday, dear self.

Funny, I tried to thank each person who wished me on Facebook last night.. But I woke up earlier today and checked my FB; too many to be replied. I'm touched looking at those people being so thoughtful.. ;) And deep down, of course I appreciate them all. It's just that right at 12am last night, I don't feel good at all; which I don't even know why...

But whatever it is, to me, birthday is just the same like every other days. Age increases every day. Tomorrow is just around the corner anyways, then nothing's so special anymore. Lol.

Here I am, the so-called birthday girl.. Still feeling down, gonna get ready to work in awhile more. Nothing to expect; coz it's all the same. :)

See you later peeps.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov 22nd.

Hello everybody..

Today was quite a blast..
After quite some time missing WCM's events, I finally joined the Sunday Drive to Ipoh earlier today.
Got up at 6+am, got ourselves ready and we headed to our meet up point at Elmina R&R... After everyone gathered, we started our convoy to Ipoh..
We reached our destination which was Nasi Vanggey, must be one of the famous nasi kandar place there in Ipoh kot..
The food was awesome, thankfully...

Before the event ended, they announced about a birthday to celebrate.
Never did I expected anything that's gotta do with me..
I was sitting behind the crowd, where everybody's paying attention to the person who was talking with the hailer.
Until I heard my dad's name got mentioned after the word 'birthday'.. and after my dad's, I heard Uncle Zaki called my name loud and clear.
Okay, now that was a real surprise.
I was so surprised.

And after years since the last time my dad kissed my cheeks, I got that kiss again.. :)

Thanks WCM.
I heard that my sis and Uncle Zaki were the ones who's been planning on the surprise, and Uncle Zaki bought the cake. Lol.
Malu aje.

I don't like surprises.
I mean, I hate feeling shocked and all.
But this kinda surprises cracked smiles on my face. =)

Eventhough my birthday is not even today. LOL

Next excitement, I can't wait till this coming 27th. Where I will be spending my Hari Raya Haji with my family at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. And my off day has been approved!! Wheeeeeee~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dilemma, wtf?

Mr Bestfriend who's in love with me- Not talking to me anymore. I sent him a message, get things crystal clear to him. I apologized. I even said that, IF one day, it's been fated for us to be together, how can I run away from fate.. But for now, things gonna remain this way. I can't accept his love. I am not even ready to get back on the love boat.
I've done my part.
He might got it wrongly, and that is why he's avoiding me right now.
I'm feeling so guilty- for being honest...

Mr Trolley Robot: He is supposed to work morning shift tomorrow.
But he actually changed a couple of shifts just to be in the same shift with me.
It might be sweet and all if only I have the same feelings that he's having for me. Like I said, I do like him.. But all these things that he's been doing for me, is obviously based on LOVE. Not just a simple like or admiring thingy. And I feel guilty about this as well.
In fact, today I actually found out that he's one year younger than I am!!
I guess my informers were wrong when they said that he's just my age.
And, he got so worried when I seemed to have a lil problem knowing that he's a year younger and all.. He's been begging me to give him a chance, telling me that he really likes me and has been having feelings towards me since the first day he set his eyes on me. He said that I am so MANJA, sweet and all so he don't see me as anyone older.
I feel like screaming my heads off!!!!!!!

For heaven's sake.
Going with the flow still got me a lil tensed and all.

On others, work has been okay.
I'm having fun with my work, still.

I just wish I could get things back to normal between me and Mr Bestfriend.
I just wish Mr Trolley could stop showing how much he likes me every single day.

Im out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm all outta love.

I been thinking hard about these situations I'm being thru..
Like, having a crush on that trolley guy.
Which, dia rupanya ada bigger and biggesttt crush on me..
Saya mengaku, tipu la kalau saya tak rasa best gila bila one of the cutest guys there actually picked me, and ada hati dekat saya sejak hari pertama dia jumpa saya.
Saya mengaku, dia memang comel, berbudi bahasa kaww, muka ketat (yang memang salah satu ciri lelaki yang saya suka)...
Tapi dia datang dengan mengharap untuk jadi lebih dari seorang kawan.

Setiap kali jumpa, dia akan perhatikan saya, ambil berat tentang saya, dan tiap hari dia luahkan perasaan dia kat saya..
Saya harap saya rasa yang sama, supaya saya tak perlu mengecewakan dia, atau menghancurkan harapan dia.
Tapi saya tak rancang atau duga semua yang terjadi ni.
Saya tak mintak dia jatuh hati dekat saya.

Saya suka dia.
Tapi cinta. Aduh mcm jiwang pulak BM nye.
Okay love..
Love and LIKE, are two different feelings.

Susah betul saya nak bina balik perasaan2 yang saya pernah ada dulu.
Saya cuba, tapi gagal.
Saya rasa payahhh sangat nak bercinta buat masa ni.
Tak boleh nak terfikirkan langsung pasal tu pun.

Kawan baik saya yang juga jatuh hati pada saya.
Malam tadi dia betul2 luahkan semua.
Dan bila saya tak dapat terima, dia mcm bengang..
Saya sayang sangat dekat dia, saya sayangg sangat persahabatan kami..
Dan memang saya diciptakan untuk sukarrrr ada hati pada sesiapa yang saya anggap KAWAN dari awal.
Tapi kenapa dia tak boleh nak faham??

Ya Allahh..

Takdir kan dekat tangan Tuhan.
Jodoh jugak..
Saya mengaku, saya takkan dapat tolak takdir kalau seandainya satu hari memang saya dijodohkan dengan dia..
Tapi sekarang?

Bukan dengan mereka berdua sahaja, dengan sesiapa punn..
Hati saya tak boleh nak sampai ke tahap yang pernah saya sampai dulu.
Saya mintak maaf.

Demi Allah, saya tak berniat untuk sakitkan hati sesiapa.
Tak pernah sikit pun terlintas niat mcm tuh.

Tapi saya pilih diri saya, daripada mereka.
Saya belum bersedia untuk bercinta lagi.

Maafkan saya.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ice Room

.. is currently my fav hangout spot here in Nilai..
Since I am indeed, an ice cream person, and they serve such nice shaved ice cream with a few flavours to choose from..
But they don't just serve icecreams and those icy thingy, desserts and all.. There are foodstuffs as well.. Such as cakes, noodles, steaks, chicken chops, beef chops and all..

For now, my fav ice cream there would be;...
It's called Sweetheart something something.. Almond flavoured.

Tee hee.. After some time not posting on food..
Here I am..

Monday, November 2, 2009



One word to describe the life that I'm leading currently.
No it's not a bad thing at all.. :)
I could whine when I'm bored with nothing to do and I could whine when I'm feeling so tired with hella so much of stuffs to do.
So it's just normal right..

As y'all can see, yea I'm not complaining about my new, current job.
I guess everything's flowing nicely, Alhamdulillah...
I didn't get to spend much times hanging out with my friends anymore like what I used to do when I was working back in KL a few months ago.

But finally, yesterday, I was given the morning shift.
So I decided to meet up with my friends...
I was late for All American Reject's concert at Bukit Jalil..
But I made it and I got to watch them perform their last 2-3 songs..

And then Shac took us to this restaurant at PJ, I think some of you people must've heard of it.. It's Strawberry something2.. The owner was so friendly. And they do serve delicious and affordable delicacies. Shac, Baby, Hanim and Tatak all four ordered the same dish- the cream butter prawn rice or whatever the name is supposed to be. Harus la diorang punya kena tagged by me. Lol. And yes, it was so delicious. Since I do love creamy, milky stuffs and all.. The cream reminds me of carbonara's gravy, minus the cheese.
I had one of my most fav dishes la, Cantonese Kueh Teow. Since it's my fav, I've tried it at numerous places, and what I had there last night was superb as well. I aint got no complaints. =)
There's gonna be a second time for me, and I'll be ordering what they ordered! And no one can tag mine!! LOL.

A few hours ago...
I talked to that guy bestgriend of mine- the one that I mentioned about having feeling towards me..
We texted.. And then I told him that I wanna ask him something..
And I started with this.. "Aku dengar kau suka kat aku eh?"..
The rest of the conversation, gonna be kept safe here in my heart. And it's alrealy locked.
Solex bro!!

Aight now.. A very goodnight to everyone..
Let us all have a peaceful night..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nur Kasih.

I'm watching Nur Kasih right now.
Never followed or actually watch this TV series..
But my sis switched on the TV and I heard the dialogues and watched the scene where Adam was trying to tell something to Katrina.. But Katrina kept finishing his sentences..
She knew that Adam has no more feelings for her. Do not love her like how he loves Nur.. And Adam said, "Kalau dah tahu, kenapa kita teruskan keadaan macam ni..?"

Katrina replied, things like.. "You are still mine, no matter what.. Eventhough I am no more in your heart..".. in tears...

Yes. Sakit sangat..
Facts that are so hard to swallow.
When the first one, got abandoned just like that.
And the man will feel so guilty and do not know how or a better way to tell the truth because no matter how, the truth hurts. Truth kills, indeed..



Today's my first day off from my new, current job.
So far, I think I got better and better each day.
Today was fine..

I can already recognize those cards that have the access to the lounge,..

There's this someone whos been freaking me out since my second day.
He's acting like he's obsessed with me or something.
And it's not a good thing for me to know, as I feel so insecure and uncomfy around him.

But whatever.
I need to be professional.
So personal issues should better be far away from my duty.

I miss my friendssss..
Those who have been spending time with me during my jobless days.
We had so much fun..

But it's alright.
I got a whole lots of responsibilities to be taken care of.
Fun will be there anytime.
Will get it once in a while.

Toodles peeps. :))

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Halloween... and.....

This is my costume. Lol. ;P

Monday, October 26, 2009

First day at new place.

I just got back from work, I mean, I'm still hanging around somewhere around Thai Royal Silk Lounge, which I handled for today..
They might be sending me to other lounges such as Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines next..

M waiting for my sis, going back with her.
Parked my car at the ERL station...

And my new job is great so far, Alhamdulillah..
They make me feel welcomed and comfortable..

Monday is not our busy day.. So I was smiling, sitting and writing most of the time..
Lets see what happened on Wednesday, see if I can handle the busyness..


I've been missing this atmosphere, this surroundings.
Now here I am, back in KLIA.



Sunday, October 25, 2009


Stop, please stop....

Stop making me cry...
It's been quite some time since I last dropped tears of pain..

Why tears, why do you have to come dripping on my face..

Stop right there, pls.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oompa Loompas'

Since I've retired from being a stalker, I just happened to noticed that stalkers nowadays, they don't just stalk.
They also make up stories about them people whom they're stalking.
Hm, I wonder...
It must be more fun right?
Because I haven't reached that level before I retired.
I guess you must be so damn cool doing what you're doing.

Well, run along... KIDS.

Oh and, I think it's better for you to quit studying in that University of yours.
Because you're so cute that I think you might be better off get a place in a kindergarten.
Don't you think being in that Uni is like wasting money and your time and all?
At kindergarten, you can have all the fun you been longing for, sweetie.

Again, I am just suggesting.

Oh *yawns*
I'm sleepy already.
Well grown ups work for their livings and just have no time to play.

Good morning.
Have a safe one.

I wanna wanna!!!

... watch this... :D

My own Stalker anthem.

One, two, three, four five...
One lil' stalker came passing by
Six, seven, eight nine ten
And another drama starts again

Sing it like the Fish song (the original version);

One, two, three, four five..
Once I caught a fish alive..
Six seven eight nine ten
Then I let it go again..

Cute, innit? ;P

Nice, sharp razors there

It's so funny but not surprising at the same time for me knowing that some people who I don't give not even an inch of shit of actually cares so much about me, been so thoughtful by talking about me here and there, STILL.
When it's gonna be over?
Oh hell I don't give a flyin F.

So yea, I hope all is well..
Having such enjoyable moments talking bout me, who actually tend to forget your existence, ( I apologize)..

And I would also like to thank you, for being oh so thoughtful... =)
But yeah, I am just not borned to be as thoughtful as you are, and forgetting your existence; it left me nothing to talk about you...

So yes, like what you've been telling people.. Yeaah yeahh I'm in Melaka. You saw me? Really? So did people give u money when you told them I'm here? No?
Better ask them for some money.
At least you don't talk about me for nothing.

It was just a suggestion anyways..
Just a lil piece of my mind.

Have a good day, dear STALKERS.

Oh I do love you, with alllll of my heart..


Monday, October 19, 2009

There's a gap, baby.

I met a friend today who asked me regarding that bestfriend of mine who actually fall for me..
On who he is, I'd rather keep it to myself, and a number of friends who already knew bout it knows.

I've given it a long and hard thought and came out with a decision..

One very fine day, when I could talk to him about this, I might tell him..
Tell him to let both of us live our lifes, go with the flow, go date whoever we want to..
And if it's fated, me and him to be together, that time will come..

Or who knows, one day when both of us actually give up on love, and thinks that it's time for us to get married, we'll just get together and get married. LOL. I know it sounds funny but it aint no joke. He is indeed a veryyyy nice guy.. Veryyyy!! Tried and will do anything just to please me. He hates it everytime I got moody. Will do anything to cheer me up. Will try to get anything I wanted to see me smile. Not that he's ugly or whatever, in fact he is kinda cute.
It's just that, it's hard for me to go beyond friendship with a friend, a bestfriend of mine.

So yeah, we might as well keep things remain this way.

The real love might pass me by, but I can't force myself. At least I tried. I did.. But there ain't no way for me to hook up with someone base on sympathies. I don't sympathize him for falling for me who doesnt feel the same way he does. I'm glad. It's obvious that he accepts me for who I am... So far.. He makes me feel appreciated.
But, fate.....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jobby jobby.

I went for a job interview in KLIA yesterday..
And the atmosphere reminded me of those days when I used to work there.
So I guess being there again shouldn't be any problem.

So.. so.... so.... I might say yes laa!

Lol.. Be safe ppl

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 1st Open House.

Today was so damn exhausting, seriously..

Somewhere around 7pm++, me and Bee drove to Puchong, passed the Satria's key to her brother and then we met Shac around Sg Buloh area and followed him to his parents' place for Hari Raya's open house.
Sungai Buloh, KATANYA...

Tapi mak aiiiiii...
Cik bukan main jauhhhhh kedalammm lagi..
Terjadi lah kejadian kejar mengejar di litar Sg Buloh.
Yang jalan nya corner corner, gelap tiada lampu..
My CLK kejar Spectra Shac, pastu datang plak sebuah Type R putih yang menarik perhatian ku.
Cucuk punya cucuk rupanya cousin si Shac.
And for the first time we heard of a place named Kelip Kelip Kampung Kuantan, which is situated right opposite his place.
By the time we arrived, it was already dark..
And like what I had in mind, macam Haunted Mansion..
The house is very, very nice indeed.
But dah lah jauh ke dalam, besar, and then paling cool,...
bapak dia bela anak beruang daaa..
Baby Bear, seriously!!!
Tapi kita lupa nak tengok dia, sebab Shac cakap dia tengah tidur, and takut dia baham..
The hell, mesti cute kot?

Then terdengarlah this brother tanya, "kancil putih siapa, kancil putih??"
Owner Type R itu bersuara. Lol.

Makan makan and all dekat the garden..
Best gila, with pool, a pond, surrounded with eerie looking big trees.
But memang sangat inviting okay, the surroundings.
There were pelita-pelita dekat keliling the swimming pool..
But when we heard of some scary stuffs, macam tak berani nak wonder around sangat.
Mata ni pulak jahat gila kejap kejap nak tenung pokok-pokok besar tu.
Haih but memang agak scary la rumah parents Shac.
Memang beruntung siapa dapat kawin dengan anak anak Encik Ainuddin. (hahah asalkan boleh je aku..)

His mom, sangat friendly and motherly..
Atleast she made us felt at home.
Takde la feeling macam tak comfy and all.
The whole fam okay sangat..
There was a so-called karaoke contest and all..
His dad was dancing, cousins were singing, gila best..
And one of the little girls kena kacau at the second floor.
Katanya kaki dia kena tarik..
Gua takut sampai ni tidur tak tutup lampu okay.

Nak balik sampai suruh Bee drive..
I dah tak larat gila kot.
Kaki dah jadi hidangan nyamuk yang sibuk nak buat open house jugak.
Kalau ikut kan hati nak menggaru, mungkin dah berdarah darah macam bergaduh dengan samseng dah jadinya.

Tapi sempat lagi lepak Uptown dengan Bee, Shac, Fawaz my cousin and his friend, Taqi..
Kena air mata kucing, borak borak and chow.

Hidup........ hiduppp....

Alright ppl.
See u around.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


To whom it may concerned.

I do love you.
But as a friend.
You are indeed, a friend that I can count on no matter thru good or hard times.

Don't fall in love with me.
I'm begging you..
It will ruin our friendship, I can guarantee that.
You shouldn't have fallen in love with me.
It's not right.

Let it remain this way..
Me and you, a couple of bestfriends.
Not more than that.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

....not now.

Time : 3.30Am
Location : My very own bedroom, Malacca

I’m feeling so damn sick.
Plus the fear of not waking up the next day is haunting me.
My lungs, or my chest, hurts so bad..
It’s been going on for a few days already.

When I’m lying on my bed to sleep, it kills me when I’m turning from side to side,..
It feels like my lungs are stuck in between, and it hurts.
At times, it’s even hard for me to catch my breathe.
Especially when I’m also having coughs at the same time..
When I wanted to cough, it’s like so suffering for me to take that breathe before coughing.

I’m afraid to sleep.
I’m afraid to think of that possibility that I might lose everything I have just because of one night that I decided to sleep.

Right at this very second, it’s aching still.

The very same pain..
Sometimes it gets even worst.

God please don’t let me die now.
Pls pls,

I’m so happy having my family around.
And I don’t wanna trouble them anymore.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

road tax.

Yes I need to renew my road tax a.s.a.p before I drive back to Melaka.
And later in the evening, I'm gonna drop Ejan at KLIA.
She'll be going back to Sarawak for Hari Raya.
How excited it is to see someone going home that far to celebrate the festive season with the family.
I'm looking forward to follow any of my friends who lives far away from these big towns I've been living in.
Get a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, since Melaka is gettin' so hectic already nowadays.
Where else can I go to get some peace of mind?

I need a few days off and away; without highways, without getting stucked in traffic jams, without having to rush here and there, without having the annoying view of cars and bikes squeezing here and there,without the irritating sounds that comes from those matremps' bikes and all.

Oh how nice it is to be in some kinda rural area, a real village, with paddy field looking oh so green and cooling in my eyes.. And there'll be a number of bulls, bullocks, chirping birds...
And a small wooden house right in the middle of the field.. (I'm putting aside the thought of leeches that I've never seen in reality before, and never ever wished to see them!!! eyew.)

And and...
At one part of the village, there'll be a river..
It'd be so great to chill by the riverbank, inhaling the fresh air.... Smells of grass, water, and the sun.. :)................................


Doink gila dak Vee ni.
You were talking about your freakin road tax la, gila!!!
I need to renew my roadtax.
See ya.

But wait.
Talking about those village thingy.
There's this friend of mine who's a Sabahan which I'm not sure which part of Sabah does she lives in.
Her name is Ramina.
A cute, petite little girl with such hugeee voice- I mean, loud.
And and, she's been telling me; that her father is a fisherman.
And they actually lives in a house that I do not know how to describe it precisely, but I can only imagine something like those Water Chalets at Avilion. :D
Ok her house would be right above the sea. As in floating?
And she said the seaview is beautiful and all.
Imagining it made me feel a lil bit at ease..
So calm and and... peaceful.
Just what I need!

But too bad, her sister passed away just a few days earlier.
The deceased has been suffering the 4th level of cancer since a few months ago.
Heard that when she was still alive, she already looked like a living corpse.
I guess letting her go would be better, Al-Fatihah.
And I feel so bad for Ramina because she can't go back to Sabah just yet, she already booked a flight a few days after Hari Raya.. Not expecting that her sister will go that soon.
And she has no money to actually get another flight back for the funeral and all.
I swear if I myself is not having trouble with money, I could have given her the ammount that she needs just as long as she gets to be with her fam during this hard, mourning time.
Because that's how it goes in friendship right.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend during hard and good times.
I'm glad she understands.

Well, I guess we all have our own burdens. :)
Face the facts of life.
The wisest thing to do.

sad face icon

Thinking of having to drive back to KL in the morning on that very 2nd day of Hari Raya really broke my heart.
I know some of you might be used to it and might think that I'm exaggerating or whatever.
Ah say whatever.
This is my first time.
Been away from my fam. Been away from my own bedroom.
And on Hari Raya, I've only been given such limited time to spend with my loved ones.
How unfair.

I gotta work.
I have to really really start paying my debts.
I've been procrastinating in alot of stuffs since my whole life time I guess.
That habit I need to eliminate from myself.

I'm sorry papa, I'm sorry mama, I'm sorry ah yi..
I know I've been neglecting my responsibilities and failed to keep my promises and settle everything on time.
I'm trying.
I know I have to quit shopping for unnecessary stuffs.
I know I have to learn to be wiser in spending.

But still..
I won't be there on the 2nd day..
Have I got no other choice?
Ah the thought of leaving my fam again makes me wanna cry.
Never mind.

And again, I truly wish that we could go to every single house that we used to go during the first day okay.
My cousin Fawaz said that he wanted to take me and my sis for drinks since his grandmom's place was always our last stop before we go back home on that first night of raya.
Can't promise him anything.
Work work work.

I'll be doin just fine kan?


Salam Ramadhan & Aidilfitri, Faizal..
and everybody.
Have a blessed one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

b a s i c s c h o o l

I've done with my first day of Basic School at Midvalley.

Woke up at 7++am, and called a cab to Mid.
Reached there at 9am.
Early doh..
I'm amazed with myself.
The traffics memang "erghhhh" lah kan!!!

Just like everyone said, and which I never did agreed earlier,
training is fun!!!!
Just listening to Michelle, and she's nice..
We talked about fashion!!
No wonder she didn't got me bored!
I shouldn't have underestimated the whole basic school thingy in the first place!
It was just like those days in college.
The chairs with small flipped desks attached.
Projector, and whiteboards.
Learning about size convertion, D&P history, philosophy and all, fabrications; it was hella fun I tell you!!

I got so hyper when answering questions about fashion.
Trendsetters, our brands' celebs followers.
I got most of the answers correctly!!!
On Twiggy, on some designer names..
Since my heart has been there into fashion in the first place kan.
Glad it's still there!

I'm still having fever and refused to go to the clinic when my aunt told me that she could take me.
I said I'll be fine, because I've had fever for like 3 times already lately.
And it must be my lack of concerns on my own body and health.

Ok i'mma give myself 1 day, and if it gets worst, to the clinic I go!


Can't wait for the next training on Thursday!!!

nak nangis pls?

I miss my dad so much like seriously.
God knows!


t u e s d a y

I'm gonna have to get up at 6 something AM, get ready and drive to Midvalley tomorrow morning for my basic school!!
Yeay.. How fun that is, kan?

And the next one will be on Thursday...

And I'm so happy and can't wait till tomorrow comes!

Goodnight smart people!

Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm gonna spit on your face.

For me, being nice to people is not an option.
As far as I'm concerned, and the last time I checked, I'm being no one else but myself.
I can say this and that, but only God knows the truth.
How real I am.
As in friendship nor relationship.
And for now, I guess I'm still sticking to my principle; just be silent; let em people stab me, thousands or a million times, let it be.
As I've always said, I'm a nobody to judge, or to punish my own species.

God is great.

I'm not expecting to see anyone falling.
But I sympathized, when people repeating the same action that will lead them into hell on earth!!!

Don't tell me I didn't warned you.
Don't make me slap you with the truth again and again.

If I'm the one who's making up stories, I won't be blogging bout this shit and to be like you, a triple dumbass, has never, ever, crossed my mind.
Stupid fool.

Lil girl, grow up.
If u're not satisfied, come clean, spit it right in front of me.
Come meet me up.
Rather than talking cocks and bulls about me.

Got it?

Ah I forgot, u were borned stupid and never thought of ways to try and learn to be at least an inch smarter,
My bad.


I'm too kind. And I'm proud of it.

Dedicated to a girl. A little girl.

Keep pretending.
Keep talking shit behind my back.
Keep making a fool out of yourself by telling people about me, when we only talked face to face for once and only, and it was not more or less than what, 15 mins??

Just one, final message from me;
You were the one who kept asking me shits and pushing me so hard till I had to spit the truths. But never did I know u are that dumb for acting how u acted.
So please dont ever come to me when things I said happened to u.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Fresh tears dripping down.

"Please have a thought

To raise both of you all these years with me might not be the best moments both of u had...and I am sorry for that. As for me, both of u r always my babies n its always hard 4 me to accept both of u have grown up and letting both of u go is always my worst nightmare after being with both of u all these while."
Taken from an email sent to me; from my dad.

Friends, do u agree, if I said; even a murderer, will quit murdering when his son/or daughter tells him to do so?


I admit, as a normal kid, sometimes the word 'hate' did came out from my mouth everytime u made me felt down and didn't approved me to do this and that.

But I swear to God, never did I meant it. NEVER.

I know you know how close you and I were when I was that little girl that you piggiebacked, the little girl that you tickled and teased until she cried, the little girl who bought a small box of raisins and wrapped it with a piece of cartooned wrapping paper and gave it to you on your birthday just because she can't afford to buy you anything much.
The little girl who easily cry even being scolded for a tiny mistake.

The last child of our small fam, is me.
I've always thought that I will always be the blacksheep of the fam.
And it was hard for me to try to be somebody else.
After primary school I got so lazy to do my homeworks, mixed with the wrong crowd and started to fail in numbers of subjects.

I failed to be a smart daughter to you.

One that you could be proud to tell people about.

I was embarassed myself when my cousins are now all around the world pursuing their dreams, studying in numerous countries, France, Machester, Aussie; u name it.


While me?

I have a diploma, but I never have the heart for it because it was never my interest to study what I've studied there. I'm not blaming you everytime I said I went to that college because you didn't let me go to the college that I wanted to go. No.
But just simply to let you know, how much I love you that I am willing to sacrifice my own needs.

We; you, mama, kakak and me: we been thru alot. Like alot.
Alot like those people who's been talking never did know before they decided to talk.
They can say whatever.
Because in the end, it will be the four of us standing up for our rights as a family.

All the dark pasts we had, it's all obstacles that God created to keep us closer.
Trust me.
All those pain that we felt all along, I somehow believe that it's a key to something better that's coming ahead of us.

And, yes.. We will always be your babies. Even until we get married, even until we die or when the world comes crashing on us. No one, on this earth can replace you in our heart and our life.
I don't need to promise you on that because I know it's a fact.

Friends, boyfriends, enemies can come and go from my life.

But my family, especially you, mom and kakak; I promise that we'll stick together no matter what happened...

I, might not be that daughter who makes u proud before.
But, there's a promise that I made to myself that I wont be bragging about for now, as I meant for it to be proven.

I messed up, here and there.
I'm gonna be 22 in a few months time.
And yet, I still don't even know how to cook.
I'm more like a boy; some says.
And trust me, it's not a good thing for even myself to hear.
Being away from you for now, I intended it to be a path that I took, to make myself learn to be independent. As some people started to call me a spoiled brat, etc etc.

I hate it.

And its hard. Living on my own, standing on my own feet.
But I'm still here, still trying.
And believe me, it will benefit all of us- at least on that one very fine day.


Hello Malaysia.

Fever's getting worst!
And I've lost my sense of taste..
It is so annoying to sip Ribena without getting the taste of blackcurrent.
It's even annoying to suck on the blackcurrent strepsils but its tasteless.

I lost my sense of smell!
I can't get the feeling of sniffing my nice smell-smelly pillow =)
My nose is blocked.
I wish my dad is here to get me an inhaler.
I know I can get it myself, but I want it that way.

And and.
Raya's comin closerrrrrrrrrrr~


And I heard that my JB and Aussie fam will be joining us on the first day of raya..
I'm glad that I'll be around!!!

I wish we could actually go to every single house that we used to drop by till late night of the first day.
So that I can go back to KL the next day with satisfaction.
Oh sedih.

Cari rezekiii..


*giggle giggle*

The perfect homemade coconut icecream at Phad Thai Restaurant USJ Taipan.
Perfect dessert for buka puasa.


Demam lagi?!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know everything now!!!!!

Yey me!!!

*congratulating myself*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 diff worlds, 2 diff lives..

... that sets us apart..

Facts accepted.
No more Miss Deny...


Time to break free, for truths are now kept safely in my mind and heart.
A -fucking- full stop.

Your friendship costs not even a cent to yourself.
No value.
Unlike mine.

Gila datang lagi.

Im still up, surfing some online shopping sites.
And I have to get up latest at 8am tomorrow, working morning shift..
And and I am having so much fun being me.
And I drank lost of water and had less food lately.
And and I'm carrying a big baggage in my belly.
And and I believe that's what makes the men keeping away from me.
And and, do I look like i care if I'm fugly?
No longer.

Haha seriously, am I nutsy futsy or what icky wicky?
Dah lah mari beradu, anakanda anakanda.

Dududududu~ (lullaby)

Latina Vodka

The name sounds cute tho.

By the wayyyy....

Yes as we all know, Hari Raya is just right around the corner, and God knows how I can't wait to go back to my hometown and celebrate the special day with my most missed fam, everyone.
I've been homesick for quite some time now, but I chose to stay for I've got my own goals to achieve. :)

I've got some plans lined up on my head.
Good ones.
And honestly, it's hard getting to them but I'm trying.
Pray for me.

I'm also trying to not just talking the talks.

Have faith.

Goodnight, and God bless you, everybody.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Sale

TOPSHOP corset top.
Black & White stripes.
One of our best sellers.
Unworn (just a couple of times of trying before I purchased it)
Selling price at RM 130- 150 (can nego)
Bought at RM 183.00
Apologize for the crumpledness, will iron before passing it to any buyer.
Unpresentable, I know
Size: UK 8 / Euro 36 / US 4 / Small

Back view: zipper

Front view: wired- just like a corset supposed to be

Full view: Best matched with a pair of jeans, and you're hot and sizzling enough to go.


Ooof it's 090909 already, I didn't noticed earlier.
Nothing special happened on this date, or will happen.
So, just a normal day.
Same old day..

Working, thinking, wondering, walking, sicking, healing, bla bla and bla bla.

Oh hello.

My name is Sabrina.
And just like everybody else, I'm an alien.


Friday, September 4, 2009

A day off. But still..

Do not snatch away my happiness again, and I beg.
It was quite a tiring day for me. Had my day off, and spent almost the whole day at Pav with mom, Lisz and my sister. Bought some stuffs. Had our break fast at Thai Base. And off to NZ Natural for our desserts..
Then Lisz accompanied me sending mom and my sis back to Nilai.
Had quite some good time.
Good, quality girls day out.
Will upload some pics maybe later on.
Im feeling so down, no doubt.
Things are now back on the wrong track.
Keeping myself accompanied with a smile might be a good way to make me feel better.
A sincere or even an unsincere one.
That's called trying.
Night ppl. Have a good one.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Handsome kan?

Who's he?
The person that I mentioned a few times here.
The one who left me 7 years ago.

He's smiling at me.
Align Center
God knows how much I'm missing u..

"Sabrina i love you no doubt, day in and day out..."
And so he said that..

Al- Fatihah
Mohamad Faizal B. Hassan
14th April 1987-31st August 2002
Rest In Peace,

Small little KL, indeed.

Oh by the way.

I bumped into one of my ex's last night at KLCC!!!
Kan I said I had dinner at Chinoz, when I was walking back to Chinoz from the ladies with Lisz, I noticed she was looking excited and surprisingly at this couple who walked passed us and I thought she was saying something to me as I was telling her about Escada's clearance sale!

And after a couple of steps she was like, "Oh my God!!! Don't you know who that is?!!!"
She said it was my ex, and he saw us and he even looked back at us with a smile.
That time we were already outside and reaching Chinoz. I could have stopped and said Hi kan since it's been years!! He was my bf 6 years ago kot.

By the way, yesterday when I was at work, I noticed a guy looking at me until he came up to me and he was like, "Vee kan??" I got startled a lil and made the kinda look which meant to say, "huh???" And he kept asking me, "Vee kan??"
Until I answered him "yes.." He was like, "Yessss!!!!!~" with a satisfaction look. He just said "Nanti lah I cakap dekat MySpace.." And he walked out of the store excitedly. I even noticed a couple of guys coming in and out like they were lost, looking at me. I dont know if they were friends.
When I got back and online, one of my guesses were right. He was a friend of mine, one of the Irama's boys. Sheeesh.. I hate to wonder on surprises. Hahaha..

And last night, when I was at the ATM machine at B1, a guy, a foreigner, asked me if he can use the Ambank ATM machine to withdraw money since he's using CIMB.
He came to Topman, and saw me at the cashier counter. He first asked me if I'm working there. After making his payment, he actually came to me and asked me if he could get my number. So, -customer service; I just said that I'll always be here. Real message was; I dont easily give out my digits. And you should've understood.
Instead, he said, "Can I give u my number?"
So I just passed him a pen and paper. And there was his name, and his digits which I forgot where I put it.

What a day. What a yesterday. Lol.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A wish come true.

After those days of craving, finally!!!
My God..
I had a large, 3scoops cup of 3 flavoured icecreams; English Toffee, Macadamia, and Butterscotch Walnut! Yerrr.. Butterscotch, irresistable!!
I went for berbuka puasa buffet at Thai Base with Lisz and Eric Esa earlier.
We had lotsss of food and filled our stomachs until we can't walk!
I had my fav butter prawns, a dish that you gotta have when you're at Thai Base. =)
After berbuka, Eric drove us to Desa Park City and fulfilled my wish!
It turned out to be a so-called wish for me since we started fasting, and I don't easily have the time to hang out there and the least that I could do is go for late night dinner or supper at Uptown because Desa Park City closes early like any other shopping malls.
And again, yeayyy!!!
He brought along his camera, took the photo of the Waterfront thingy, chitchat, and on the way sending us home, he realised that he didn't take any photos with us. Lol.
I said, there will always be next time.
I will always be craving again and again for NZ natural.
There goes another day,..
I miss my E.
My handsome drug.
Lol. Lol.

Happy Birthday Eric Esa

I had fun last night.
Celebrating Eric Esa's birthday and breaking fast with him at Chinoz on the park Klcc.
And we stayed until 10++pm, chit chatting with Eric..

We had quite some good issues of conversations.

I am thankful to have people still cares for me.

Next destination

Ahaaa... Di manakah??
Lol Lol.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Eve.

The night you left me..
7 years already.
This is crazy.
Seven effin years.
Seven years of sniffing your shirt to sleep.
Aint that sweeeet.

I miss you.
I do miss you so much.

You're in a better place.
I keep reminding that to myself.
You're smiling down on me.
Telling me things will be okay.
Telling me I'll be just fine.
Telling me that I deserves way better.


Al-Fatihah, may you rest in peace Love.

I'm holding my tears from dripping down.
Too many tests.
Too many obstacles.

Let me see you in my dreams. Grip my hands tightly and tell me that you will always be around. And that whenever the wind blows, that is you, protecting me, in your arms.

Stop it Sabrina.
Just stop it.

I love you.

Easier yet harder.

I'm used to keeping things bottled up inside me.
And I will keep doing that if it will be the best for people around me.
I won't tell if they're hurting me.
I won't say a word.
I will swallow.
Like what I usually do.

Heh. Thought I said never will I repeat the same mistakes.

Haven't yet to learn.

Tidur Sabrina.

Happy Independence Day.

As we all know, there weren 't any celebrations with fire crackers and all since it's the fasting month.

Ejan invited me and Lisz to joined them at The Curve. Thought there was something going on, people/ mat and minah remps and others were crowding the fountain area at The Curve.
I was with Kak Linda, Lisz, and Sarah, and we met Amy Kecik, Ejan and Mus.. We finally decided to make our moves to somewhere else. So we drove to KL. To NZ. Had our supper, chitchats, and went back home.

The traffics in KL were bad. There were lotsss of motorcyclists, kids, mat rempits.
It was dangerous, they will harm other road users.
We managed to find a shortcut and reached NZ safely, Alhamdulillah.

Nothing much though.

I met Nana at the store earlier.
We talked.
Until we sweat.
We were gosipping.
I was fuming with angerrr.

Ah whatever.............

Im working morning shift tomorrow.
And I have a dinner/ buka puasa invitation at Chinoz KLCC tomorrow.
Then I might be going out with some friends after that.
And then, I might crash..

and and.

ah go sleep

Sunday, August 30, 2009


If you wanna lie, be smart enough to lie.
Don't trip too fast.
You gonna get yourself busted with your own stupid moves, idiot.

Just like how you came to me when you found out that I've been talking to one of your victims.
Why, lover boy?
I'm so sure that you're afraid that I might tell her what you told me, and she'll be doing the same, and we'll figure out how unreal you are?
And why do u came all nice at first and then you got pissed when I didn't replied your message asking me why was I talking to her?
You made your own conclusions.
Which ended up to be true.
Now I know, and now she knows.

But still..
You're so damn good at twists and turns.
You can always cover up your dirts, got your victims still sticking around you.
It's not like I've never been there and done that.
And this is not the first time I remind you; the world won't be revolving around you forever.
Luck won't be on your side every single second.
Bare that in mind.
I believe you're not that dumb.
Or maybe, God has returned the favor.
After calling me 'bodoh', 'bebal' and etc etc for numerous of times, they might turned out into some sorta curse on you.

I told you, my life here ain't as easy as you think.

My current love?
We don't text each other all the time like what I used to do with you.
We don't call each other up just to check if we had our meals or anything.
And it's weird when I actually feel happier, and some feelings that I never thought existed.

Ah be gone.
Just be gone.

p/s: go ahead bitching around about me. but talkin about my bf makes you look more pathetic, u know? because I tend to think that bitching on someone you don't even know is a stupid thing to do. you're just making a fool out of yourself, fool. I'm not defending my bf or anything, but who the hell are you? Good or bad he is, did he ever asked you for money? Stop looking for troubles man. Especially when you're not even thru with me yet.

Crystal clear.

I'm sorry I failed to provide you half of the money for you to get a new car.
I'm sorry I couldn't afford to get you a new phone.
I'm sorry I couldn't get you the lame Emporio's watch even it's on 15% discount.
I'm sorry I couldn't get you the extremely lame Onitsuka; mini cooper's edition.
I'm sorry that I have to remind myself, that you owe me almost 500bucks especially when I know now that you lied to me to get me spend the money on you.
I'm sorry but I think you're pathetic to talk about engagements with 3 girls (as far as I know), in 2 months time.
If you're tryna act like a fuccin casanova.
Well I guess you succeeded.
I do see you like one now.
A cheap, low class casanova.
One that's depending on the ladies.

I just cant keep this any longer.
I can just keep your name from my blog, for now.
It all depends on you.
How far you're going, testing my patience.
Keep going if you want to.
I've made my first move.

Keep the money.
It's called charity.

You don't know me quite well yet.
Or maybe you haven't seen a part of me that will only appears when I can't take bullshits any longer.
Looks may be deceiving, my dear.
Trust me on that.