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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Wesley Girl I Am

Since I have been so busy lately, and haven't been online as long as I usually did, I just feel like typing lots of stuffs. Those many things that's been running through my very mind.
And I suddenly started to reminisce some sweet memories being a lil girl. Like maybe 15 or 16 years ago. When I was a kindergarten girl.

Wesley Church Kindergarten. Oh my most missed place.
Maybe, since Christmas is just around the corner, it reminds me of those days.
2 or 1 day before Christmas, we all will be given a paper with a picture of candy cane, santa, X-mas tree, gingerbread man, mistletoe-etc for us to color them.
And it was fun.
After we finished coloring, the papers will be hung all around the classroom.
There was also a real X-mas tree, and we got to decorate or maybe play with the ornaments.

And before the real Christmas holiday comes, some guy they hired will play Santa, and hand us our presents. Pencil cases, and some things I couldn't recall.
Of all the festivals celebrated in this world, I've always love Christmas and of course, Hari Raya.
I don't celebrate Christmas, don't get me wrong. I am a Muslim, yes. But I love the celebration. So jolly and merry. And I'm also still hoping to be in a real white Christmas atmosphere-one day, one very fine day. I would want to be in a place where I could see this; during daytime.

And this; during the night time. But it might look nicer with snow huh.


That explains why I enjoy going to Singapore during Christmas eve. The Christmas parade and all.. I truly miss the feeling of it. Sigh. What fun it has been for me.


Yanie said...

aku ske tgk celbrtion kt portugese settlement... sgt meriah n colourful weh

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

haha. tau xpe. tp smlm nak gi x jd, sbb dorg da start open hse sume, confirm jam packed gile punya. last yr aku gi. tu pun bkn new yr eve pun. 2 days earlier kot. lol