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Saturday, December 13, 2008

WCM X-Drive

I'm already in my aunt's hotel.
In Johore.

This morning, me, my sis, mom and dad woke up at 6something, got ready and terus ke Sri Pentas TV3, where the convoy will be flagged off..
Uncle Zaki, WCM spokesperson was being interviewed by one of the TV hosts, and they aired it live on TV, my grandmom called and said she saw my mom on TV9.

We started the convoy after being flagged off by one of the 'org kuat' tv3/9, tak perasan. :) Coz I waited in the car.
We stopped by Ayer Keroh R&R, and I bumped into Shac. Lol. But I didn't go to him and said Hi or whatever. I just texted him saying that I saw him and bla2. He said he'll also be heading to JB for X Fresh event or something. IDK, sorry Shac if I heard u wrongly. :) But I have no time for a chat since we were all rushing as we were only given 30mins to get our lunch.

And the convoy continued, until Machap to meet up the JB and Singapore group.

As we arrived, we straight away checked in at M Suites.
And I'm now so pissed off with the wifi connection.
I took the 1hour access, and it's only available for the 1hr starting from the second I logged in.
So, eventhough its my aunt's hotel, I won't do anything to get my privilege. :)
Malu jugak kot.
Like taking advantage ke apa.
Orang tu pun nak buat business.

I'm bored.
I ate alot!
A&W at the R&R, Cantonese Kueh teow downstairs, and we're going out again at 8pm.

And plus, I miss Adam!

Okay ppl,
I'll prolly be uploading the convoy pics when I got home.
Be safe everybody.

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