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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walk The Walk

Okay, I don't care if I've said this for like so many times before, but fo real, I really need to lose more weight!
I know I have the confidence to not just talk the talk, I can walk the walk.
Not to boast or anything, but a few years back, I used to weight 62kgs.
That was the heaviest I've been.
Until there was this one shitty issue came up, that made me so strong and lost more than 8kgs. Lol. And nope, I wont tell my current weight. Saje je pun.
But really, I neeeeed to lose more and more weight.

Ok the real reason that I'm getting worried again is because I've been skipping my pilates routines for a few days already, and I think my stomach is growing bigger since I noticed how much I've turned myself back into a critical food lover.


Ok don't laugh Sabrina. That's where u're wrong, you dont take things seriously. Sigh.

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