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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tuesday's terrifyings

Right right...
I've not been online for a few days, due to the hectic moments of my last minute preparation for the final project presentation on Tuesday.
And hell, I am so nervous.
But on the brighter side, I am indeed, very thankful on the progress.
All my preparations are now ready to be presented, but unfortunately not myself.


Pen Hilang said...

All the best dahling! *smiles*

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

tengkliyu darl! cuak ni. 2 more days. 9am plak tuh. grrr.

Yanie said...

wah... lepas ni da abes ae?? aku kene extend 1 sem lg. sedey siot

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

insyaallah la habis. aku risau 2 last subjects aku je. he