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Friday, December 12, 2008

Rain Train

Yesterday's evening, me and my sis took a train from Seputeh to Nilai.
We went back to our mom's place.

And, it was raining.
Habis lengkap kilat petir ada guruh semua.
We were the only girls at the KTM station.
We talked, talked..
We ignored like 7 rounds of the train.
It was so crowded and theres no way I want to be squished by those people.
Yes seven trains come and go.

Then there was a couple of Bangladesh men, asked us where to buy the tix, we told them..
And then they came back and sat at the bench next to ours.
One of them were staring at me with this scary look, when I looked at him, he just look to the other side, with that stupid face!
I was in so much temper, I just said, "Ada kena tampar ni karang.."
He looked again and again, until I said, "Kau ni memang nak kena bunuh dengan aku ke?"
Then he started talking to his friend.
Man I was so pissed!!

I was carrying my notebook, a paperbag, and my slingbag..
And that was seriously my first time dragging alotta stuffs, and waited for hours just to get into the train.

In the end, we just had to go.
We pushed everybody, and got ourselves a place to stand in the train.
Susah nya.

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