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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

in leb with doo dolls la. how?

So I'm done with the presentation yang saya kecoh2 kan this few days. Lol.
Ehm, I have not much to say about it anymore tho.
So let's talk bout something else.

Yesterday, I mean, Monday; I was having my lunch with my sis at the baba nyonya cendol place in Jonker street- yes the place that I keep on mentioning in my previous posts- my fav place to eat. And while I was waiting for my sis at the table, there was a bunch of guys, and a couple of hot ladies. There were whites, one of the girl look like a Mexican, and some Chinese and Malays wearing the same Tees; International Auto Show. And there were photographers too..
And then I noticed this big guy wearing black shades and cap, he was looking at me, and then I noticed something- it was Big Daddy. Lol.
A few hours later while I was at Dataran, I saw them again, and some people are queing for Big Daddy's autographs, photos, etc.
My real story is; Big Daddy makan cendol. :)

Hokkayyy.. What else.

Oh, I've got a new task for animation technique, which is, I have to build a model character. You know like model animation. I saw some ppl doing Ninja Turtle and the villain and all.
And since I have no more time and money to spend for this few days, I decided to use my 4 small bottles of play-doh. And I've decided to make- Doo Dolls. Hahahaha.. Monsters, cute ones. No specific shapes. I can shape them however I want to. Isn't it smart of me? Lol. And plus, for the background, I think I might use Christmas theme. A white Christmas. So, I only have to use some fluffs of cotton for the snow.

Oh, there are some cute Doo Dolls I saw at Rooms 1U, anyone kind enough to get me one?
Shame shame nye. Lol.

Night ppl.

P/S: I's like to thank everyone who's been supporting me and keep trying to make me look on the brighter side regarding my stressness of the final project. Brothers, sisters, I thank you, all of you, right from the bottom of my heart. :)

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