Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello KL

Hey people.
I'm in KL now, accompanying my sis to her interview..

The best thing that happened today was, I get to eat my most missed junk food, Carl's Jr.
After yearsss since I last had it at Lake Garden, I finally get to taste their heavenly double western bacon cheeseburger! And I enjoyed every bite of it!
Memang la gua jakun..
Last time I came to Midvalley, I just accompanied my mom to Robbinson's, and we were rushing, no time to find good food.
And finally.
Oh thank you God.
Is there anyone who has the idea of franchising Carl's Jr. to Melaka?
Please get me noted!

But like seriously, I missed having my meals at Carl's Jr. with some colorful birds messing around the table and our food at Lake Garden. And yes, that happened when I was a kid.
I often go for jogs at Lake Garden with my aunt, and then we had our breakfast/meals at Carl's Jr. Great workout ain't it?


Ok that's it for today.
Gotta crash a lil early, for my sis' morning interview!
Kenapa akuuuu kenaa bangun pagiiiii!!
Bukan akuuu yang nak pergi interviewwwwwwww!!!!

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