Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Oh God, how come time is flying so fast nowadays.
I kept on losing track of time, and again and again I started to realise how far I've come.
After all that happened for 21 years.
And I'm still standing tall here.. (Tak la tall sangat. It's just like a quote or something. Gahh.)
My goals to achieve?
Get rid of the P sticker from my car?
Well, that should happened last week, but I didn't do it. :)
And that wasn't even a goal or achievement.
Main aim, would be, oh yes, for the one thousand four hundred and fifty five times, get the hell out of Cosmopoint College Melaka.
The college that changed my whole perception of having a good place to study.
It sucks. Big time!

And secondly, I aim to.....................
make a final decision what I wanna do next after I finished college.
Yes, I am indeed a lil lost.
My mind is like a notebook now.
Linking here and there.
And it ended up to stuffs that made me upset.
Yahhh.. Takde kerja, cari kerja..
I'm a negative minded woman.
That sucks right.

It's a good thing that no one in my fam is pushing me to do this or that.
They usually just listen to my plans, and if it sounded bad, they'll rectify my mentality.
And if it's good, they'll support me..

Oh no no, marriage is not on the list yet!

Sape tanye?!!!
Tak malu la kau ni.
Sendiri cakap sendiri deny.


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