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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I usually had a hard time recalling any of my dreams when I woke up.
But I'm sure I dreamt of an angel, in my dream last night, I remembered someone saying this word 'pari pari', and pointed at a beach or something, and there was someone in the water, which I think is the angel.
In the dream, I was at this big luxury house, probably owned by one of my bestfriends, Bee's cousin.
And I looked outside the window, looking at the view of one very big pool, it was meant to be a pool, but to me it looked a lil scary. I can see a spiralling stairs down under the water, and some statues.
The angel might be in the pool, or another side of the house, which has a beach.
I even saw Bee's cousins, Nina and Abom in the dream. Even Bee was there. And Nina was the one who told me about the angel in the water.
The angel looked like it's drowning or something.
I dont know.
Just sharing.
And I'll prolly type down the dreams that will come in my sleep later on in my blog.
Who knows, one of the dreams might come true one day. And I'll be saying, "Gosh I remember I dreamt about this before, let's check my old blog posts.."
Tee hee..


Bubbly Sabrina said...

i think kan... it's a call for you to save the angel lah. hehe..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

whoa.. yah eh. mcm so deep like that lah the meaning. but i wonder, who is the drowning angel whos in need of my rescue.. ahahhahaah..

naju said...

you can always ask about your dreams on yahoo answers. there's some dream experts there, they can sort of interpret dreams or something.

heh. true, dreams are just mainan tidur. but in your case, it looks like the dream has a very deep meaning. sure you'd like to find out the meaning kan? hehe. go to yahoo answers! *promote*

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

oh thankies!! err.. but i do not know how to la. i mean, what shall i type. dream of drowning angel? gahahah.. yah but that's a good idea. thanks yah, imma try it now!!