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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th

I am already getting sick and tired of going all around town working on my final project's stuffs.
Like seriously, I'm getting so bored already.
But what to do ey, I've been all the way here to my last semester.

How I wish, my mom, dad and my sis or to be precise,my fam will be there on my graduation day.
And witness me receiving my cert.
How does it feel to be in that graduation outfits.
But having them around..
It's like the greatest gift that I could ever wish for my graduation.

Oh wth am I crapping about la..
I do need confidence sometimes.
Eventhough I'm worried sick of my Business Maths and Animation Techniques subjects.

This is just the beginning I guess.
Life after graduation, oh I haven't got any ideas what will happen to me by that time.
Those ups and downs in life.

Oh and I've already sent the designs and tees to be printed.
Well, I had to chose iron on, because the tees that I bought aren't so convincing to be digitally printed.
It will easily expand.
And I have to go fetch a couple of mannequins from my aunt's boutique.
Oh but that won't be necessary for now.
I'll only be needing them for the day of the presentation itself.
11 more days to go..

what the hellllllllllll~

I'm so..



Rubina Yunal said...


you love fashion, and shopping i presume. so why not set up your own online boutique?

or, you can find a tailor or seamstress, make friends with them and start designing your own collection then sell it. I know you can come up with some great and innovative ideas/creation.

you can either target a certain niche (e.g. plus size girls/woman - trust me, boleh laku punyelah!), or go with the general audience.

Or maybe even shoes, handbags. Limited edition stuff.

Or gift for guys. Kan sangat susah utk kita shop gift utk lelaki, btol x? If you can cater these demand, you'll make a killing in no time :)

If only I could find the time and space to do all these, I'd definitely go all out for it. Haih..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hey sis, yknow what, your idea is fantastic, really!
in fact, ehm, my dad did suggested for me and my sis to get ourselves involve in business thingy. she loves cooking, and i love fashion.. so, yah.. there are already some ideas. just wait til it turned into reality..
btw, a bigggg thanks sis!
uve always been there when i need some guide kan. heee. mucho appreciated!!!

Rubina Yunal said...

ur most welcome :) i look forward for you to be in this kinda project. Oh btw all the best in ur final project presentation!