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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec 15th- Happy Birthday Papa

The very same night after our royal charity visit, we had a surprise birthday party for my dad.
We- Me, mom and my sis, and the WCM'ers.
The surprise was planned way earlier by Uncle Zaki, me and my sis. And the actual plan was to push my dad into the hotel's pool.
But then again, we wouldn't take advantage even the hotel is owned by somebody we know, since the pool closed at 7pm.

So... Before the clock striked 12, we were actually having our dinner at Periuk Belanga, Danga Bay. In fact, that was like 7pm, but then some of the WCM'ers were there having their dinner as well, and then we all joined them for a train riding session. Some of you might have been there, it was those colorful trains in Danga Bay. Those trains that took us for a ride all along the theme park.. Sightseeing.

And the merry go round kinda caught my eyes! It looked so much like the miniature ones with music, that you could find in gift shops. :)

After the train riding, the other WCM'ers went back to the hotel. While my dad sat at the restaurant again, with a couple of WCM'ers who were waiting for their dinner. We got worried looking at the time. Uncle Zaki texted us, and said he himself was out and about.

But before that, he texted all participants, saying that we'll be having a gathering at the hotel lobby at 11pm , celebrating our wonderful event.
We managed to reach the hotel on time..
Some of them were already at the lobby. My dad had a stomach ache so we all went up to our rooms first. My dad even told my mom that we don't have to go to the lobby because the gathering was meant for the drivers only. Mom just kept quiet and obeyed... at first!

My sis went down the lobby to collect the cakes. There were 2 cakes, one for my dad, and one for Uncle Langat's wife who's birthday is just around the corner as well. My sis kinda played hide and seek with my dad. Lol. I mean, she tried to avoid bumping into him la. Coz he already said that we don't have to come down.

Then, the three of us came down, and Uncle Langat was there too.. We were lighting candles at another side of the lobby while Uncle Zaki was giving a speech outside. And then, he ran towards us and said let's get it started. My sis opened the glass door, and then came me and Uncle Langat carrying the cakes. While the other WCM'ers were singing birthday song.

The hotel staffs already prepared some plates, forks and serviettes for us to use. After cutting and distributing the cakes to everyone, Uncle Langat and another Uncle told my dad to take off all his valuable things thats with him that time. And I dont know what my dad told them, but then he agreed, and I saw someone collecting his cap, watch and communicator. The first trick was, they asked my dad to stand on the hotel's luggage trolley. And uncle Shah pushed him along the lobby and shouted, "5 darham! 5 darham!" That was funny. I heard that they actually wanted to pushed him straight away into the pool. But hello, the pool is on another level. Lol.

Uncle Langat was wondering around looking for something that he could fill water in, and splashed my dad. And then he found something. I dont know what its called, but it was the steel thing that is used to serve food. My dad was chit chatting away while Uncle Langat filled the thing with water.. And then he and another friend slowly walked towards my dad from the back.. Uncle Abbas pulled Uncle Pojie who was sitting right next to my dad who was standing. My dad got suspicious and turned around. And nope, he didnt got splashed right away. He stared at Uncle Langat and his friend, and both of them stared back at my dad. Bahahahha.. It was funny!! My dad surrendered, and walked to another part in the lobby, which has a small landscaped garden, with stones and wooden chairs. He even got to finished his cig, and took off his shirt!! And then...


Luckily, he was wearing his Crocs!
He didn't even took them off.

Overall, it was fun, celebrating my dad's birthday, with his friends around, during one of the greatest events organized by WCM.
It'll be memorable. :)
And here are some of the pics. Just for sharing.

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