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Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been quite a tiring week.
I mean the whole week, runing here and there, paying for this and that, expenses are running lower.
It seems like, it won't ever be enough.
Final project has been slashing my throat. I mean, got me so broke!
Or to be more precise, it got my parents broke.
Sigh, again and again I sigh.

Plus, it's no surprise that I'm getting worrier regarding my future.
It's not that I've been looking so far ahead, what I've been worried of would be, what will I do next after I finish college?
Shyeah, how the hell can you answer me when I myself can't.

Seriously, when I think it through, even right now, when I'm typing about my future, I just can't stop myself from sighing again and again.
Sometimes I can't even picture what will happen to me next.
Is that a sign?
A sign that means, God will take me away before I could live my future?

Lol. Such lame mentality you have, Sabrina.

Oh for heaven's sake!
I know my stupidity when I was schooling has got nothing to do with my future.
I mean, maybe a lil.
But everybody make mistakes, and as long as they have dreams, and work towards their dreams, with God's willing, we all could get to our dreams, right?

Ugh, sorry.
I'm not feeling well.
I got sick, and sicker every hour.
Just a few hours to go until my presentation.
Gahahahhah.. So yeah, you can stop wondering why the hell Im talkin craps like all the way since I started posting this post.

Goodbye Singapore's Christmas Parade.
Again, we have to postpone our date.
Yah, for the I-can't-even-count how many times already.

Goodnight pretty people.


Anonymous said...

cian ko
good luck la ek

Rubina Yunal said...

yes. one of the biggest risk studying art/graphics/multimedia is them moolahs :| and when you go and work in the industry, what you get back (as in the salary) is usually not worth the hard work and unbalanced life that you had to go thru.

Itu dalam Msia la. I think kalau kat States or Europe, diorang appreciate bebetul designer2 ni. Gaji pun masyuk je. At least boleh la cover balik all the expenses masa blajar.


I think I've spent nearly 100k during my study years which includes the tuition fees (ini satu semester je dh dkt RM 5k, and I had to go through like 15 semesters.. just imagine :|), art supplies, cameras and films, PC and stuff, printing (printing ni yg banyak gile makan duit).

And even now I had to constantly ask my parents for money :|

Sengkek gilaaaaa. sob sobbb