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Friday, December 12, 2008


Now okay..
As what been told earlier, I’m in KL, still in KL.
And right now, right at this second, I’m sitting alone at Meal’s Station, waiting for my sis who’s now having her interview at Wisma UOA, upstairs.
Well ehm, I’m typing in Microsoft Word right now.
Because they don’t offer Wifi connection, okay now I need Dawood mapley..
I’m having a lil difficulties keeping my eyes opened..
I think we slept at almost 4am.
Me and my sis crashed at Lisz’s place.
So kind of her to let us crash.
And since she worked at 9.30 just now, and nobody else is at her place, we all have to get up early.
We called the cab and took it here.
Man, how I can’t stand this morning sunshine.
It’s just making my eyes closing more!

Some people are staring at me, I guess they wonder what I’m doing.
They might know that this place has got no internet connection.
Oh yes, there are some wifi connection detected, but too bad, yes they need passwords to access to their connections.
There were quite a lot of connections, and I couldn’t get thru any of them!

So before I decided to type this, I was designing some wedding invitation card for a friend.
But too bad, my mind is working a lil bit slower at this time.
Due to the sleepy eyes, and sleepy brain.

Even my notebook’s battery is running low.
29% now.
Oh great, what the hell am I supposed to do, alone, not doing anything.
So what, I couldn’t survive being alone without my notebook?
Ye lah kot..

Please someone, meh sini teman saya!!!

I don’t feel like calling any of my friends to come accompany me.
It’ll be like using them.
Eh what am I doing, talking more nonsense?
Dah habis battery ni baru kau ada akal Sabrina.
Okkayyy bye!


Bubbly Sabrina said...

selalu mcm tu kan.. kite rasa nak call kawan ajak teman n chit chat... and then kita akan rasa serba salah pulak.. "nak call ke tak.. nak call ke tak??"

but friends wouldn't mind meeting us kan?

tapi kalau diorang dah kata busy and kite paksa or manipulate them ajak jumpa jugak.. itu baru namanya use kot...hehe

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

lol.. entah la.. sbb i was waiting for my sis g interview.. then takut gak, buat kan kwn tu br sampai ke, then my sis plak dah siap.. hahah.. but lgpun that time i was so damn tired, mata nak tutup.. i dont feel like lepaking pun. hahaha