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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tragic life?

I'm watching Miami Ink, and there's this man..
I think a midget kot, not just a midget, mcm a little handicapped, kot.
I dont really know how to describe his condition.
But something like that la. Hehe..

As Chris Nunez was painting the tattoo on the man's hand, as usual, he'll be asking what does the design symbolized.
It was three small doves.
And the man said, it symbolizes the doves on his mom, dad and grandmom's coffins.

His mom was murdered by her ex boyfriend..
And his father committed suicide, and his grandmom has been supporting him all the way.
Tragic kan.

And now, he's a music producer.
See, everybody could be on top, a midget, handicapped, anyone.
As long as you keep your head up, and keep standing tall no matter how the world come crashing on you. :)

Just sharing..

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