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Monday, November 24, 2008


Everything's been good.
Nothing has been planned, and at the same time, things are running well..

I went to Quiksilver just now, and as I opened the glass door, Pop saw me first, then everyone started singing me Happy Birthday song, and I think I blushed. I am a big time loser in handling stuffs like that. My baby just stood at the counter and giggled and then make fun of the song. Damn you. Gahahaha.. I just said thanks shyly. SHY. Yeah! I am a shy person. Bahahha..

All those heartaches that I been through before, since yearrss ago are starting to change. To the better I guess.. Some people changed. I just hope it lasts. Insyaallah...

Well overall, I had a blast.
My 21st birthday was a blast.
You lovely people who wished me here in Blogspot, SMS, un-countable people in Facebook, and MySpace, thank you for all the wishes.
I truly appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.
God bless each one of you too..

Lots of love,
The WOMAN herself.


Pencarian Tanpa Henti a.k.a Pen Hilang said...

hehe..ur most welcome. I love birthdays! celebrate life =)
u can call me echa.. hmm but i prefer pen hilang =P

Yohana Tawith said...

the WOMAN herself.
haha bangga kan.