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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movie Madness?

Well hello, I just came back from Jonker Street, had dinner there.
Before that I went to the movies and watched Twilight.
Yyeap, I think I loveeee the movie.
Totally in love with the whole story.

For guys, ehm- like the guys who joined me earlier, I don't know if they're being hypocrites or what, but they said the movie got them bored!
Yah coz most of the scenes were mushy and romantic and all.. Gahahahha..
Might sounds weird, but to me, the movie is like the second sweetest, most romantic movie after Romeo & Juliet.

At first, Edward Cullen-the hero, he doesn't look so handsome or good looking to me, (at first!), but slowly,.... when he talks, and ehm, the stare of his vampire's eyes, gosh! I had that feeling of being 5 years younger, drooling over celebrities! Gahahahah..

But, one thing that really melts my heart from the movie, was Edward's character, which was so protective, a character that a girl usually needs most from a guy. Sighhh...
I'm crazy, but I feel younger, yeay!!!

Here are some scenes that made me smiled :) :

- When Edward and Bella's eyes first met.
- When Edward came to Bella's room out of nowhere and said he loves watching her sleeping.
- When Edward leaned towards Bella, and explained to her they're not supposed to be friends.
- When Edward and Bella was talking on a tree. Suwweeeet.
- The way Edward was trying so hard and keep saying that he'll do anything to protect Bella.
- The way Edward said, "You're like a drug to me. You are like my own personal brand of heroine" - something like that.
(Correction: "Your scent is like a drug to me. You're like my own personal brand of heroine". I thank someone who posted it on her blog. Yey :) )
- And, the weirdest part is, I think the way Edward drives the car is also HOT!. LOL

And I just called my dad and asked him to find me the DVD.
It might not be out yet, but at least he knows I want it, so maybe even next month, if he saw the DVD sold anywhere, he'll remember that someone wants him to get it. Hahahah...

I can't stop playing back some of the sweet mushy scenes from the movie, in my head. Hahahaha..
It keeps on playin, and I'm so lovin' it.
Tee hee..

Oh whatever, for those who haven't watch Twilight, go go! Hehehe.. Especially girlssss!

Ok, here, I've add the trailer.

And I also love one of the soundtracks, which is Full Moon, by The Black Ghosts.

Those eyes! The stare!!! *melts"

And he look super cute wearing the pair of Wayfarers!


Pencarian Tanpa Henti a.k.a Pen Hilang said...

Love the movieee!!
have yet to watch though.. Super jealous if you babe!

Bubbly Sabrina said...

baru nak pi tgk malam ni...hehe..

hope it's awesome like many girls mentioned in their blogs.. ~!!

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

kan, now all the girls are having crushes over a vampire. sigh. if semua hantu mcm ni, rasa nya semua org suka diganggu hantu! hahahahhahaa

Nissie said...

i've waited the movie since last year. and i save the movie to watch with someone. huhuhu.

sume dgr review elok2 jek psl muvi nih. jgn i letak high hope, sekali jauh dr expectation i. -_-

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

alahh... for me, mmg suweeet kawww laa.. xtau la. action mmg kurang. xde hal lah!!! asalkan menikam kalbu. aha ha ha