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Friday, November 28, 2008

Morning morning morning!

Hahaha gila blagak sebab bangun pagi!

I'm still having this fever and I feel weak!
But I have to be strong, I can be stronger!
Fight the virus!
V is for vitagen!
Ok crap.

Look at the time, oh 9.16am.
I got up at 8am, with nothing to do..

Well yesterday, I had an evening class.
But since I finished my work at 9.30, the class was considered dismissed lah..
So I packed my stuffs and went down and I saw some people gathering in the lobby and outside.
It was the other students who will be going for a 4days 3nights camping at Cameron Highland.
Oh *enviness*.

All my life, I have never, ever go to campings!
Not even at my own house garden.
Lame ke?
Nah, tak ada rezeki.
But this camping trip that my college(not exactly, MPP kot) organized this time, caught my attention.
Too bad, I know I can't go even without asking anyone.

So I just hangout with the ppl for awhile, keep on cursing them because I can't go!
Since their busses arriving at 10pm, one of the person in charge keep telling me that I still have 30 more mins to go home and pack my stuffs and join them.
I was like, KAU GILA?????

So I finished my cursing session and wished them,to reach there safely and all, and walked to my car.

Jealous okeh.

Oh btw, my lecturer approved my final project clothing logo!!! Yeay!
Thank you KERILAYOT!
It's time to work on the billboard and ALL!

Cuak nya.

And semalam, seorang mangkuk bernama Wawan telah menelifon saya pada pukul 11 pagi semata mata sebab dia bosan queue kat Pos Office berdekatan rumah saya dan dia nak ajak lepak!
Boleh plak kan.
And I just said, TIDAK! Aku baru bangun, x mandi lagi, demam, tak larat bangun, muka macam orang dalam pantang!
So I said I have to passed.
Mangkuk betul, out of the blue pulak.

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Pencarian Tanpa Henti a.k.a Pen Hilang said...

Get well soon ya..
I have been in that babe.. *smiles*..when you can.. coz i had to bloody work masa i demam! huhuhu...