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Friday, November 21, 2008

Live To Eat?

Yesterday was some kinda like my own Eating Day.
Oh wait, not yesterday, this couple of days.
Mom's here..
I took her out and we had our lunch at Zen, along with my sis.
And I had my favourite, ever dessert, creme brulee..
Last time I had it was a blast one either, at Royal Scotts On Plaza Hotel's Carousel Singapore.
They were served in a very cute, small plates.

But at Zen, they served it in a glass... And one glass was enough to make my stomach full.

Just look at that creamy thingy..Ain't it like soo inviting kan. I had it with a bottle of Appletizer. Ngam!!!

And the day before, I had a nice bowl of Bihun Tom Yam and a glass of Grape Smoothies, at Le Garden. One of my fav makan spots in my hometown. Heh. So stop wondering where I got these 'extra baggage' from. Lol.

Oh I can't believe I've been with my baby for 1 year, 8 months and 1 day already! Yey. May Allah bless us with better days ahead-together still. I love you Adam. Amin, Ya Rabbal'Alamin.

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