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Sunday, November 23, 2008

JB- Nov 22nd

Just came back from JB for a kenduri at my aunt's place.
We made our move from Melaka at 11++ am, and reached JB somewhere around 2pm. By that time, we've got some noodles and kuih served for us outside. And then my aunt's hotel staffs started to arrange things for the event/ceremony or whatever..
It started with the ladies' Marhabban session.. Somewhere after Zuhur, if I'm not mistaken. Tee hee...
After the Marhabban, we finally get to eat real food! Bahahha.. And Kerel, this time tadek lamb chop plak ah!! Gahahhaha.. Tapi....... Ada beef kebab yang mengundang kaw!!! I took a small amount of nasi beriani, and 4 pcs of beef kebabs. And then I went out, took an empty plate and add some more kebabs, and had it just like that. Yumminess!

Somewhere around Maghrib, the gents' session started with Maghrib prayer.. And a few doa recitals. And then, eat again. Yyyuppp.. Too bad, they don't served the kebab anymore. Only beriani, ayam masak merah and those normal dishes.. But with some cute cupcakes.

Whatever it is, the only thing that got me all excited during any family feasts would be, meeting up with my cousins and aunts and uncles.
My Mak Uteh, and Pak Uteh from Aussie was there too.. Funny, they kept on asking me bout when will I get married and all, can't wait til' the day comes, bla bla. I was like, eyewwww... It's so soon for me to be talking bout it lah! Adoi. If they only asked my sis, then it's okay. But me?? Sigh... Lambat lagi la. Isk.
Is it so obvious that I'm getting older? Is that a bad sign? Gahahhahaha...

I was hoping so much to meet baby Adam- Adam Syah- my cousin. But too bad, Uncle Zai came alone since he just came back from work and too tired to go back and forth to fetch his son and mrs kot. Grr.. Me, Mama and my sis were so disappointed! We misses Adam Jr. so much. Sigh. There'll be next time I guess.

Oh btw, here are some of the photos I took.


My dad. He was immitating a rock singer or an exaggerating singer or sumn. Lol

Family conference.... NOT!

My ehm, stressful looking Uncle Zai. =)

Kak Ita a.k.a Amoi. Lol

Kak Sharina & Abang Esham

My Sis, our cousin, Iffah and moi.

Abang Shahrom

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