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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come What May

Yes I do enjoy lonely nights.
Being alone, with the chilling air in my room.
Alone on my bed, surrounded with all kinds of thoughts.

Sometimes, I ransacked my closets in search of my diaries.
I've got plenty of them.
Including the one that I'm currently writing, I think I have like 8 diaries.
Written since year 2002.
I've got a number of them before that year, but those were the ones that I had when I was a kid. So they were all gone I guess.
Doesn't even matter, coz they only contained BS.
So back to the ish.
I searched for my old diaries, and read them.
Eventhough there were some sad and tearful issue, it made me smile.
Some schooldays memories.
Kids' issues, cute boys, getting scolded by dad, felt alienated, putting pranks on classmates.
I'm glad I have diaries.
At least they reminded me of some memories that might have slipped my mind.

So after reading them all again and again..
I get to know my own self better.
From what I been thru.
How I managed to stand up still.
I just know that something better are coming up my way.
All I gotta do is pull myself so far away from the Giving Up Syndrome.

And too bad, my current diary must be missing me so badly.
I dont know, maybe I've been to busy to visit it.
The last last pages would be written with an itro like this; "Diary~ I'm sorry for not visiting you for so long! I've been so busy. I'm sure u been missing me.. I hope you understand my situation... " And bla bla.

Main issue; I gotta change. I HAVE TO change! I'm not getting any younger. Neither is any of you. Hehe. People change. Things change.

Oh sabrina. Please cut the crap.

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