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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Last time when I was at primary school, we got free tix to theRoyal London Circus.
If I'm not mistaken, they're free.
Or maybe, if you have the tix, you'll get special discount or something.
And I remember sitting in the big tent with cotton candy in my hands.
I can't remember who took me there, though.

I don't see any sign saying that they're coming to town again.
But 2 years ago I remember me being shocked almost to death when I saw a man pulling an ELEPHANT by the ROADSIDE.
It's not what you witness everyday okay.
I mean, if it's a goat, or a cow, I wouldn't be as shocked as I was when I saw it.
But an elephant?
Not a Dumbo, but a Jumbo!
A big one la gila!
But I laughed like hell then, thinking how did an elephant managed to being pulled by the roadside!
And then, I saw the camps, tents, or whatever- and cages.
With lions, monkeys, tigers and all kot.

Last time, if I bumped into any of the clowns, or show girls, or boys, it was like meeting a celebrity!
I went bananas!
Jumping and all "Oh look look!!!" expressions.

But hey, the next time they come, I'll make sure I'll go there, with my bf.
Who cares!
I wannit I wannit I wannit!

Tee hee..

(Demam melanda dan mangsa demam merapu)

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