Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bisa buktikan.

I hate this.
I had a short nap in the evening and now yes, I can't sleep.

I used to say how much I enjoyed lonely nights on my bed, in my bedroom.
But right at this sec, I don't feel even close to that.

Many things are running through my mind.
Many like many.
Many like alot.
Many like so fuccin much.
Many like it's damn too much!

Everything seems to be complicated and still I do not know how the hell am I to deal with them.
All damn issues created just for a single naive soul like me.

You wanted me to be stronger ey?
I will.


Bubbly Summer said...

you didn't sleep
you continuously published 7 posts from approx 12am till 5am..
which u have deleted some of them i guess..

i dont know what is it about.. i wont ask...coz i don't even know you. hehe.

since our names are the same...and it means kesabaran kami...

so.. bersabarlah, k??
i believe we are strong!!

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

oh yes thats true! SABARina. LUFF OUT LOUDDDD. i sometimes hated it when ppl called me that. sabun, sabri yunus. like pfffft!

and yes, i posted some offensive posts last nite. with alot of F words coming out of my typing fingers! hahahahah.. due to my flaming heart. but when i got a lil cooler and read them again, it doesnt make me feel good. sheeesh!