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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Batch 2005

Eventhough I been calling my college a hell before, honestly, there are some things that got me missing.

I been in that college since July 2005.
And during that time, the seniors and juniors got along verrrryyy fine!
When there were no classes, or we're working on our drawings/assgs, we all will be gathering at the Graphics Studio.
We even got a mat rolled on the floor.
Some of them played guitars, computer games, and me and my girls will mess around with people.
We had fun almost everyday, even while working on our works.
We laughed out oh-so loud and often got lecturers from the class next to the studio came in and told us to keep it low.
There used to be a TV in the studio, someone brought his PS2, and everyone sat on the floor and played games, just like being at home!!
We never did mind when other people came to joined us.
Coz everytime, we clicked, and add up more friends.

Last time, we have intercourse sports day.
I dont know what happened, but it's not been held for maybe a couple of years already.
Me and my 3 girls- Bee,Anim and Acu will be going here and there in the college and talked to almost everyone we saw!
That is why, we clicked very fine with the seniors.

When other people can't used the internet connection in the library, our ex-librarian friend will make US and only US can use the internet connection.
Whoa, privillege is gooood.

At some nights, me and the girls, a bunch of 6 seniors will be going out to Jonker Street- sometimes for photoshoots.

I guess, one of the reasons that we could clicked easily is because of their ages. Most of them were 21 and above of ages. And there was no such thing as misunderstood and all.
We helped each other.
We co-operated.

Those were the times where college felt like a second home.
And we'll still be going there even when there was no class.
There was always unplanned agendas, which was good.
We came, we crashed, and we MOVE IT MOVE IT!
Lol. Craps.

But now.
All I can say is, it's all gone.
New people, new faces, with new hearts that I can't tell.

College seems to be a boring place, just like how it looked like.
It's not the same when you have great people around, no matter how the college looks, it's still fun being there.
So it takes both the college and the people to make it looked better.

Since there's a huuuuge possibility that I might finished my studies in January, I now only visit college when there's a class, or I need to submit my assgs and examination days.
Or else, I'll be out and about or just stay at home doing my final project work.

I'm okay with it coz I used to tell myself that everything's gonna be fine.
Just keep struggling and you may get what u dream of.
Get out of that place.


Rubina Yunal said...

"intercourse sports day.."

bwahahahhahahahaha... teringat maksud intercourse yg lagi satu tu.. :P

infomedia said...

erm. yeah, aku rindu saat online free kt library, abam amir yg pilih kasih, print artwork x byr. huwah! patot la aku kerja x berkat, aku ade utang dia lg. heheh!

Bubbly Summer said...

When it comes to...

New people, new faces, with new hearts that I can't tell...

I do this,

I trust everyone,
It's just the devils inside them i don't trust.

Chin up!!! =)

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Sish Nina: Bahahaha. bleh tahan kakak saya nehh.. hahahha

Infomedia: Pahal nama ko Infomedia ha gile? nanti aku mesemes abg amir igt kan psl utang tu. eh lupa. dia suh bg kt aku je. duit raya aku. haha

Summer: righttt.. but yknow, there'll be times when u have to avoid. faces changes like season. so. for me, im being cause cautious. hehe