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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ain't no GANGSTAH enuf.

Now this really cracked me out.
I am a girl, who's not very good at Maths.
And tomorrow,morning, yes, again, 8am- I'll be having my Business Maths paper.
The last one for my mid term examination.
So since I started to changed into sorta new leaf nowadays, which is- a lil more rajin than before. Heh.
I've asked my bf to come over my place and tutor me.
So he did.

There was one time, when he was teaching me, I cried.
Like, cried la!
Tears flowing down my cheeks!
Cry me a river. Nanges. Psssh.
I felt like the dumbest person on planet earth!!!
Eventhough he taught me with so much patience, I felt so touched at the same time, and blame myself for being so stupid!

And, it happened again!
Just a few hours ago.
He was tutoring me, I looked down on those question papers, and tears started dripping on them papers.
He was like, "whyyyyy..."
I just kept quiet, with those salty drippings still coming out of my eyes.
And then he started to say, with such calmly voice.. "There were no single person who was borned smart. Even Einstein. People even accused him of being insane. But truth is, he's smart. At least you wanna learn. You can't keep crying. Einstein is strong. And you can have that kind of strentgh if you want to.."


Luck, please gather around me tomorrow. I need you.

Insyaallah.. I can do it. Insyaallah.

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