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Friday, October 31, 2008

On The Dark Side

I believe, everyone has their own, dark past.
Whatever that actually happened, won't be told precisely, or some rather keep them bottled up inside.
But in my very own point of view, no one is to be blamed on.
Things happened, and usually with a very good reason.

We move on, with our lives.
Start a brand new journey.
Start a brand new chapter.

And I do believe, people will change.

Good to bad, bad to good, good to better, or bad to worst- those are still called changes right.
Sooner, later, its all just the matter of time and our own willingness.

Oh well, for me, I am still keeping my head up.

Holding on tightly to my faith.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daily dose

What a day!
I was out with my sister just now then dad called me up and told me to get Melaka Hari Ini newspaper coz he said our photo is in the paper again, (after one came up in Sinar Harian the other day, and an article in Harian Metro yesterday.)

We already reached home and put our bags at that time, but I took my car keys, handphone, and went out again with my sis to go paper hunting. Lol.

Since that Melaka Hari Ini's newspaper is published only in Melaka, I think it has its own follower or whatever coz almost all the shops that I dropped by don't have it anymore, like- they were all been sold out. But one shop, at the middle of the town, has it, and we got two. But then, no sign of the photo and all.. Called dad, he said his friend was the one who told him bout our photo in the paper. He then asked us to go to the UMNO's building and take the paper. So I dropped by at the building, my sis went up,- no sign of the paper pulak. psssh..

So we figured out, it might be yesterday's or 2 days ago's copy.

We gave up our paper hunting, and I drove back home.

Tinggi sungguh keperibadian mu mencampuri urusan orang
Tinggi sungguh budi bicara mu yang meninggikan lagi keperibadian mu


Jangan dijolok sarang tebuan.

New breed.

Well, my new life's been okay.
Just a lil worried of my upcoming mid term examination, and also my Final Project Presentation.
This semester is my only hope.
To guarantee my freedom from the college known as HELL to me.

Other than that, I'm trying to begin a new chapter in my life.
Thrown away the old ones.
Those that was filled with pests.
Parasites might sound more appropriate.
Shyeahh right. Heh.

Oh btw, just my two cents;

Don't you just feel proud when some people started to write about you, and stuffs? Don't you just feel adored? Bahaha.
I love sarcarsm, sarcastic people.
But trying to sound sarcastic on people that you don't even know is a veryy big NA`AH.
Well, maybe those kinda people are always looking forward to dance with the devil.
We'll just wait and see. Toodles.

..:Every thing comes with a limit..:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a n a k a n g k a t

Since I've deleted my old blog, the pictures of Fatin's new borned baby are all gone as well.. The ones that I could share with you people. But it's oh-kay.. Got a couple of her latest pics from her mama. Hehe.. Enjoy..

Dah pandai sinyum kah? Hahaha. Hoi budak! Pahal ko cumel sangat ni? Nak gaduh???! Hee.. Say Hello to your Mummy Vee..

Pakar Modifikasi

Satu fakta; dua penipuan
Yang pertama kita ambil; dua buang
Kenapa mengeluh?
Dengar cerita lagi
Dah jenuh berkali kali
Komplikasi dalam komunikasi jadi konfrontasi
Mulut orang perosak reputasi
Pembunuh motivasi
Mereka pakar fabrikasi, modifikasi
Di depan senyum, belakang dengki
Deep one, indeed.
Sounds more like very deep to me.
..:Indah khabar dari rupa, rupanya:..


First of, I swear to God that was me, flying up high on the sky doing parasailing when I was in Penang. It was right at the beach outside Park Royal Penang hotel during WCM's Penang Invasion Sunday Drive on March this year.
Well to be frank, I'm not a person who's afraid of heights. But I am indeed, afraid of being in the middle of an ocean. Pfft. But I did it. In fact, I happily told my mom and dad that I wanted to try parasailing. That was my first time. After the first round, I even asked for a second one. Unfortunately, we had to go back to the room and get ready for the next activity and all, until late at night, and we woke up late the next day, and then it was time to checked out of the hotel. =(
But I miss it. And I wanna do it again.
Just to share to those of you who haven't tried it yet, lemme tell you my feeling of being up there. It was obviously not the same as being in an airplane. I can feel the wind brushing through my face, I looked up to the higher sky and thank God for His amazing creations, I felt like a bird, I felt like I'm flying freely-yes that's the right word to describe it. FREE. Even for just a few mins, I could feel all the burdens being left out on the ground. Subhanallah. I kept reciting it. With a smile on my face.
When I landed on the ground, I kept telling my coward sister and mom how great it was, and they should try it too. But they said No Way. Hahaha.. Grandma said, if only her knees weren't aching and all, she would surely be trying it. Since I need to run a little while the boat that have the rope tighten to the lifejacket starts pulling me.
One word on parasailing; AWESOME!
..:You wanna dance with the devil, so keep doing what you're doing:..

Mood: Flattered

This is a post that was posted by Uncle Zaki, Wish Club Malaysia's spokesperson on WCM's forum regarding the Aidilfitri Drive that was organized by my dad who's nickname is Zaimax. With this, I am very pleased to say how proud I am with my father. You go, dad! Hidup Apak!!

I have nothing much more to say since whatever there is to say has been said in earlier postings. I am really thankful that those who have participated made a difference to the lives of the unfortunate ones. And I am doubly proud that all the Muslims followed the theme of full baju melayu n sampin to go with the occasion. Yes, the extremely hot weather was really testing to all of us. But if the kids could be dressed in full gear, why cant we?

On a personal note, my personal apologies to Bro Ezrin for not calling you much earlier during the convoy. I was supposed to call you when the convoy was around Bangi but did not do so until we got to Seremban. You could have caught up with the convoy much earlier had I called you in Bangi rather then in Seremban. I was just totally engrossed in communicating with the convoy via walkie talkie and handphone and totally forgot about you joining us in Bangi. Thank heavens you caught up with us just before the Ayer Keroh toll. Really really sorry for the oversight la bro.

Just a minor comment on the convoy. I was advised that there were quite a lot of braking during the convoy. Looking at the whole convoy in front from the Backmarker's perspective and based on feedbacks from the Official Cars, I can safely say that this happened largely due to the gaps that were left during the drive. Thats why we always ask you to keep a constant gap between yourself and the driver in front. If the gap between you and the driver in front gets a little bigger, more often then not, you will end up speeding to catch up and when the driver in front brakes, you will end up hard braking quite a lot. The chain reaction is that the dirver behind you will follow suit. In any case, I do hope the convoy and also the VVIP treatment via Police Escorts is an experience all of you will cherish for a long long time. I have always enjoyed every WCM outing no matter whatever circumstances it may be. I trust all you of you first time convoyers and your families have too.

A very special acknowledgement and tribute to Zaimax (including Linda n Sabrina, his 2 lovely daughters), Irwan and the rest of the Malacca gang who led the way in the organizing of the event. They really went out of the way to make sure that our drive there was perfect and more so the orphans and the place they call home are in some ways better off.

Do remember that the organization of an event of this magnitude involves a lot of planning, commitment, making all the arrangements etc and especially sacrificing their own time in doing so. There were hidden costs here and there which I am sure the Malacca gang had to chip in among themselves.

So now all of you know why Zaimax is an Honorary Member...

At the end of the day, for a few hours, all of us made a difference to the lives of 30 kids. Objective achieved. Mission accomplished.

Next stop. The 10th Sunday Drive in JB. 13th to 15th Dec 08. We had a real blast when we did our maiden trip to Penang earlier this year. As such, my expectations will not be anything less. Do block your calender should you be keen to join us for our trek down south.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you. z4ki
on behalf of The Organizing Committee

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


November's just around the corner.
Then comes December, and the final project presentation.
I still haven't done my proposal yet.
Still blank.
But Keril's trying hard to help me out a lil.

*Jangan sibuk melihat semut di seberang laut, sampai terlanggar gajah di depan mata*

WCM Aidilfitri Drive Report

Sunday- Oct.26th 2008.

Me and my sis got up at 7+am, kejut papa bangun coz he was the one who said that we gotta make our move by 8.30am to Hotel Seri Malaysia, the meet up point with the members from Melaka, JB, S'pore and KL.
As we arrived at the meet up point, some Malaccan members were already there, with a bus of 30 orphan kids...
Then, 2 traffic police/escorts/riders arrived.
A few minutes later, the convoy from Kl, JB, and S'pore arrived as well..
Before the convoy started, each members get to take a kid from the orphanage into their cars and feel the convoy to Gazebo restaurant where the convoy will be heading to, and where the event will be held..
Unfortunately, my dad was so busy that he didn't take along any kid, and me and my sis got a lil disappointed.

The convoy to Gazebo didn't really went smoothly. Since it was the day before Deepavali, traffic was bad with people on holidays and all.. So they kept on braking their cars, the gaps were too near, it's dangerous, some cars might knocked each others'. But Alhamdulillah, all of the 70 Toyota Wish safely arrived at Gazebo.

We had our meals.. Finally I got to eat lemang! Yes, those that I had during Hari Raya wasn't enough.. We had rendang, kuih muih and all.. With Bandung+ice cream soda. The weather was so hot that day, we drank the iced water like hyenas! Hahahah..
Then the event went on with Doa Reciting, passing out duit raya for the orphans, a number of UITM students performed a dance, there was also a live band singing Hari Raya songs, we celebrated Uncle Shah WishPilot's wife's birthday. Yeay I bought the cake! Hehehe.. And we collected donations for the Orphanage.

Me and my sister was given a task to count all the donation money, take out the money from sarung duit raya and all.. We managed to collect RM2870, Alhamdulillah.. Then Dad went up on stage to passed the cheque to the lady from the orphanage.

After the event, we got to relax for awhile at the restaurant, but- we didn't actually rest, because of the weather. Hehe.. But at 2.30pm, we started the convoy to A-Famosa, as we all will be having a photoshoot at that historic place, with all those 70 cars, and members. Dad reserved a biggg parking lot, obviously. The place where no vehicles were allowed to be parked, oh except for trishaws. Hehe..
A couple of journalists from Sinar Harian, and Harian Metro came and took some photos as well..
After the photoshoot, some members make their move back home, some of them went back to their hotel rooms, and me and my sis?! - oh we had to wait for my dad who was chit chatting without realising that his 2 daughters were dying of hotness and sweats. We sat in the car, didn't start the engine coz minyak tak mengizinkan.. But then we cannot tahan, so I drove to my dad and I shouted,"Pa! Panas!! Nak balik!!" And then he said, "Ha? Nak balik? Papa nak pergi minum dulu.." But then he started thinking for awhile, and let me drove his car home.
At night, we all went for dinner at the famous Asam Pedas Pokok Besar. I took my own car, coz dad told us to reserved the tables. But by the time I arrived, the people were all seated at a long table, so me and sis sat on another table, just the 2 of us. Then Uncle Zaki invited us to joined them at another table. Dad arrived, and we all had such gurrreattt dinner!

After dinner, some of us went to the River Cruise. At first we were told that it was closed already. If I'm not mistaken the time was 11pm.. But then dad saw someone he knew, and the owner of the place is his friend ke apa, so.. dapat lah naik boat.

We all got to see a few parts of Melaka that we've never seen before all the way from the river. Melaka City's nightview. Cantik sebenarnya. Heheh..
Well that's all la. Here are some of the pics. That night, we all went back and slept like there was no yesterday! Bahahah!

Miss Niss!

Dia bilang mahu turun.
I'm looking forward to date you babe.
Kalau tak jadi ni, takmo fren2 in seminggu time okeh~

Saje bosan.



My bestie since I was in primary 6. We then went to the sameschool, same tuition place, same tuition class, same college, same course- coz we've got same heads! :) and same mentality.
We shared clothes, secrets, joy and pain together.
Now, our friendship is already 9 years old babe. NINE effin years! Lol.


Shazana's sister.
So since I also get to know her sister eversince I knew her, that makes Dayana my 9years old bestie as well. :)

Mumtaz Awi.

1 year younger than I am, Shazana's neighbour, and my schoolmate too. We clicked pretty fine eyy.. All 3 of us, even after 2 or 3 other girls came in and out, we still clicked!

Emi Lisz.

Me and Shazana met her at the tuition place. Can't even recalled how we got so close. Maybe because of our silliness or craziness or whatever, obviously that exclude smartness.
And now, it has also been 9years.

Kak Linda too, Lisz's sis. Remember last 2 years' puasa? Hehe..

Thanks for letting me stay at your place..

Glad to know that we stick with each other thru thick or thin.


My relative, neighbour, bestie.
Married, with a 7 days old baby.
The 1st one of us who got married.
Used to be my jogging and rempit Demak partner.


Knew her at college. Same reason, coz of our retarded heads kot.
Sometimes, it's better to have friends with retarded heads than retarded hearts kan.
Coz we have never been judgemental to each other.

9 years. Whoa that's long.
For now, I am more than thankful that we have never been into any backstabbing issues kan.
Maybe, it's because none of us would betray each other.
And none of us has ever judged each other.
After all these years, I'd just like to say, I truly cherish our friendship.
And I'm proud of you girls.

All of us are grown ups now.
Fatin is in a new chapter of life.
I've already got people questioning me when will I get married, etc.
All I can say is, it's too soon-for me.

Cik Dayana kahwin dulu. Hehe.

In fact, I still remember our 'angan angan Mat Jenin..'
We planned to stay together when we start working..
Even when we got married, we will live in the same neighbourhood..
We'll go shopping together.
And all, and all, and all.

I miss all those suweeeeettt moments.
Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time.
But when the thought of wearing school uniform sorta popped out of my head-
Oopsie, sorry demorry!
No way!!

++.."A true friend sees the pain in your eyes while the others believe the smile on your face.." ..++

Biarkan sahaja mereka, mereka masih muda


Tersasul bahasa
Terlangkah kata
Diri binasa

Sekali binasa, ku langkah ke belakang
Tiada lagi rasa kecundang

Selangkah demi selangkah
Aku putuskan untuk tidak lagi berpatah arah
Mungkin cukup lah sudah
Tidak mahu lagi disingkap gundah

Serba penuh kesalahan, aku akui
Tikaman yang cukup dalam, aku terima
Tapi pernah kah kau mencermin diri sendiri
Sebelum menilai seorang insan yang kau juga sepertinya

Biar lah walau berjuta halangan
Akan ku tempuh dengan senyuman
Biar betapa perit pedih di hati
Akan aku jalani semuanya bersendiri

Monday, October 27, 2008

Counting Months

A few days ago, my bf asked me how long will I be in college for the-God knows how many times. Heh.. And I confidently answered, well, "This is a long semester, 6months, so probably somewhere around June."
No don't blame my bad math!
The semester started a month before the fasting month and then came the fasting month for a month and then I got lost track of time. (eh beghape banyak punya month daaa..)
So, I asked a friend, isn't this semester a long one? And when will it finished? In what month?
Coz even my lecturer said that I have to present my final project in December!
That friend of mine said, "January."
And I was like, GAWWwdddd!!!~

Just a few months to go.
My current fears; business maths, mid term exam, final exam, final project.




Cerita belakang pintu, tiada siapa yang tahu...

Taken from one of Sis Nina's posts. :)

Hey let's do some Q&A on this blogging thingy..

Does anyone thinks that it's okay to offend people, and talks too much on another person's life in your blog?

Q&A on people.

What do you think of a person who doesn't even know you but they have been posting about you, eventhough your name wasn't stated there, but you know it's you, and they obviously know that you'll read the posts and they will succeed in hurting you?

Your answers will be taken by me, as sharing thoughts and thats that.
Because why?
We are all humans.
Best thing to do is to not judge another human.

First & Foremost

I'm glad to welcome you to my second blog.
A new one, the previous blog has been deleted, altogether with those old posts.
Who cares.
I missed you people.
Niss, Sis Nina, Naddy, Mira-especially,(my most fav bloggers!)

I don't even have the answer on why I deleted my previous blog.
So it'll be a waste of time to ask me again.
I'm here now, done with parasites.
Not much to share for now.

*paku dulang paku serpih. mengata org, kamu yang lebih*